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My first trip to India

mrslynchpennhall's memory of 15th September 2006

Our First Day.
For my 30th Birthday, I decided that I would to go to a place that I had always wanted to visit - India. On 14th September, 2006, my now husband and I flew the nine hour journey to Mumbai, followed by an hours connecting flight to Goa. We had decided that the trip was to be an adventure so the only accommodation we had pre-booked was the first and last night of our two week trip.
The first thing that hit us as we disembarked form the plane in Mumbai was the suffocating humidity. It felt like I had my head over a steam bath. It was hot - about 30 degrees but the humidity seemed to make it feel less oppressive than the dry, burning kind of heat I had experienced in other hot countries.
Once we had checked in at our hotel, we ventured straight out into the tropical, Goan evening. We had barely reached the end of the hotel driveway when out of the blue, a heavy, warm shower of rain suddenly hit us from above. The raindrops were like nothing I had experienced before - huge, globules of warm rain hitting us hard and drenching our clothes instantly! Mid September in Goa marks the tail end of the monsoon and this was our first (but not last) taste of the formidable and unexpected deluges that make this area of India one of the lushest, greenest parts of the country. That night we enjoyed a fantastic meal at a local restaurant serving traditional, home-cooked Indian food and treated ourselves to a bottle of champagne to mark the start of the most amazing adventure!

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