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My Television Centre Tour

Rianna's memory of 12th June 2011

I didn't know at the time when i was at school in 2001 that TVC was in West London until i did a project on the history of the BBC, I had never seen it and never saw anything about it. I wanted to this project as i wanted to work for the BBC when i left school but i wasn't able to. In 2005 my collage went down to TVC to have a tour there and i wasn't able to go due to no room on the bus, So in 2009 i had my very first tour at TVC and it was simply amazing and i couldn't believe my eyes when i walked right up to it it was huge. The studios and the people who worked in this amazing building so amazing, I had the most wonderful time ever and i just didn't wanna leave and i just wanted to stay there all the time. As this place was my fav i went for my very last tour on my 21st Birthday in 2010 and this time around it was even more better and the tour crew said Happy 21st to me and took me into TC1 & TC7 where Shooting stars was made and it was so amazing to be standing in the same studio where my all time fav show was made in the 90's. TVC is something that i will never forget in my lifetime i always wanted to work there when i was younger and try and do something for the BBC but nothing came true for me,

The people who made this dream Factory must be so proud of there selfs to make this dream to make the very first working Television factory in the world, I will never forget TVC!

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This memory was added 3rd May 2013

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