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First Day in the Navy

Jeff's memory of 2nd January 1976

January 2nd 1976 I joined the Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprntice. I travelled from Havant in Hampshire to Plymouth by train. One the train were two others joining the Navy as well, both from Havant, one of which was from the same school as me. The other's sister was a young teacher at the same school.
After getting to the trainstation at Plymouth, a navy bus picked all the new recruits up. I remember sitting at the front of the bus with a young chap ( he was younger than me) called Andy Shirley, with whom I would get to know very well in the years to come.
The first four weeks at HMS Fisguard in Torpoint was hell, I suppose it was designed to weed out those who might not be suitable for the life in the senior service.

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