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Memories of 1968

wildEugeneMcC's memory of 1st January 1968 - 31st December 1968

I was 6 during the overwhelming majority of that year (turned 7 right at the end), so my memories are patchy, but oddly strong, and I can place them dut to the news events they related to. The first is of the assassination of RFK. I can see myself looking at the b/w TV (rented from Electronic Enterprises in Brixton Hill, where I grew up) in the corner, vaugely understanding that something terrible had happened. I see someone on the floor, and then perhaps a 'gurney'. The next, but slightly more detailed, is of the TV coverage of the riot in Grosvenor Square. My recollection is that this was 'live', ar at least there seemed to be very extended coverage of it. I can see the police charging the demonstrators, but my recollection is being strongly on the side of the police (possibly a legacy of the friendly picture of the bobby in my infants schoolroom at Brockwell), and feeling concern at what was jhappening. The third is of being in my friend Simon's garden, listening to a song on a radio: Hello Goodbye, by the Beatles, a song that seems always to mix feelings of happiness and sadness for me, and always to conjure up the memory of that moment.

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