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    Posted by Student Life (U11794334) on Wednesday, 29th February 2012

    To all members of the BBC Student Life Message Boards

    We're very sorry to say that we're going to be closing the following Student Life message boards:

    School Issues
    Careers and Choices
    Book Club

    We wanted to give you all as much notice as possible, so the four boards mentioned will close at 5pm on Friday, 30th March 2012.

    Please note that the message boards and their content are not being deleted from the web; all of your discussions, debates and information will remain on the site for your reference in the future. Thank you for being part of this online community and for your contributions to a range of lively debates and discussions. We’ll leave this thread open for you to discuss where you might like to go from here.

    The following may answer some of your questions.

    1) Where can I get the information Student Life used to provide?

    There are a number of external and BBC websites which cover issues relating to students and studying:

    BBC Bitesize -
    Radio 1 Surgery -
    The Student Room - www.thestudentroom.c...

    Please note: the BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

    2) Why is the board closing?

    BBC Online has undergone 25% cuts as part of the Delivering Quality First (DQF) review. This has meant a sizeable reduction in staff to the point where services have had to be cut.
    You can read more about the Online re-structure and DQF here:

    3) This is not what I would like as a licence fee payer.

    The Putting Quality First review has reconsidered how the BBC can most effectively use its resources, and outlined the services that it will reduce and close as part of Delivering Quality First. Unfortunately message boards are one of these services.

    4) Why weren’t we told about the closure before?

    The final decision to close the boards has only just been taken. We have worked to give users four weeks’ notice so they can get used to the idea and familiarise themselves with the other message boards suggested as alternatives.

    5) Why is the BBC censoring message boards?

    The BBC does not censor message boards. You can, of course, still go to the other boards mentioned to discuss BBC programming.

    Points of View -

    Many thanks and best wishes,
    BBC Student Life Website Team

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