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    Posted by Arsenal Supporter (U13813185) on Thursday, 10th December 2009

    me personally i am not allowed facebook or twitter etc, just msn and things like this with the bbc.

    I personally think people can live without them, but i'd like to have one but i'll wait till i leave home i guess smiley - erm

    What do you think of these social networking sites, a good idea or bad? have more regulations? or stay just the way they are.

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    Posted by stardust (U14235010) on Tuesday, 15th December 2009

    i say no to this because people could bullied like this and it is upsetting for them to keep this to themself and this could lead to worse conclusion.

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    Posted by chocolate_lover (U14229916) on Saturday, 19th December 2009

    I suppose its a good and bad idea.Its good because you get to stay in contact with your friends.Its bad because alot of people do get bullied and others give out personal information to strangers.If they added more regulations it would be much safer.But i suppose that whether its safe or not depends on how the person uses it and what iformation you give out.

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    Posted by U14268293 (U14268293) on Saturday, 19th December 2009

    I have both facebook and twitter and i enjoy having them because i can stay in contact with my friends easily and it's very easy to find things out, i.e. your homework. But, then you have got the issue of bullying and personal information. However on facebook they have just re-vamped all there securtiy settings making it easier to block people and what information you allow people to see, which means that it's very goot for bullying and personal information.

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    Posted by Moo Moo :) (U14269780) on Sunday, 20th December 2009

    I personlly do have Facebook and MSN, i do it to keep in touch with people outside of school. Otherwise i only see them a few times a year, also on Facebook they have a lot of games which are aweesome.
    I could live without MSN and Facebook yeahh, I dont think they are bad thing overall, they are safer than alot of sites, you have to agree to be friends with people, and people you know. x

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    Posted by Pinkly45 (U14276633) on Tuesday, 29th December 2009

    Hey i am personally not on facebook but i think facebook is good you can chat more with your freiends and stay in touch but its also not safe because you end up giving people you dont know personal information like etc, your parents identity, where you live and etc and you once someone spreads a rumor about you on facebook everyone around you will know about it.

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    Posted by Dolphinlover1 (U3662008) on Friday, 1st January 2010

    i agree there r gd points and bad points to social networking sites....already they r becoming so popular who knows what will happen in the may b every1 gets 1 but hopefully the security will get better smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U14283025 (U14283025) on Tuesday, 5th January 2010

    i think that the media make facebook and other social networking sites look bad, but for me they are a way of talking to people who i dont see often smiley - smiley
    they focus on the few people who accept strangers, but as long as u only add people u know (face to face) then i dont see the danger

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    Posted by animalcrazysinead (U14285049) on Thursday, 7th January 2010


    i've got facebook and i thought i wouldn't be able to live without it but i have for 3/4 weeks now. but it is way hard!

    Sinead smiley - biggrin

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    Posted by L (U13131097) on Friday, 8th January 2010

    It is very easy to NOT add or delete anyone that you don't like, or just NOT add/accept them onto your friends list at all so those who might "bully" others won't be able to bully or see anything that you post.

    It may sound obvious also, but a lot of people are stupid enough to post personal information such as phone numbers, where they live, etc...onto their facebook page (or any other social networking site) and do not block anyone other than friends from viewing this information.

    Social networking sites are perfectly safe as long as you use them properly. Following simple rules such as do NOT add strangers/ certain people you do not like, changing the settings to only allow those who are your friends to view ANYTHING on your page (which you can also edit so friends can't view)will prevent you from being targeted by any such "cyber bulling", or any other such acts.

    Just remember, as long as you KNOW how to use such said sites and use them PROPERLY, nothing bad will come out of it... unless you download too many of the applications which mau lead to malware... but that is also easily fixed.

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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    Posted by U14291423 (U14291423) on Monday, 11th January 2010

    I have twitter and facebook and i think both are great ways of keeping in touch with family members who you cant see very often. And i also think its great with your mates if you dont go to the same school to be able to talk to them. smiley - smiley

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    Posted by CELTICGIRL (U14165315) on Tuesday, 12th January 2010

    I'm not allowed either! they just cause bullying and meeting people you dont know. sometimes just having a pic of yourself up can cause bullying: your such a poser! you look weird in that - weirdo! etc.

    If you meet someone you dont know you still talk to them , maybe be friends with them... maybe at one point you think you love them. and it turns out to be totally someone you never expected: an adult , someone weird.... etc ... a fake!

    email i guess is good as know one else can see what your saying, and its hard to get someones email when you dont know who they are. If someone you dont know gets your email , your more likely to ignore it because they dont have a pic - with a person who looks your age. and if that persons goodlooking then you will talk to them.

    thanks xxxx

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    Posted by Arsenal Supporter (U13813185) on Saturday, 16th January 2010

    THANKS for your reply's dudes and dudette's smiley - smiley
    Keep them coming! smiley - ok

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    Posted by U12271726 (U12271726) on Monday, 18th January 2010

    yea i havebebo, twitter and facebook they are very good when you r out and about da world i have no real reason to think they are bad (just use it wisely)

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    Posted by U14302226 (U14302226) on Monday, 18th January 2010

    i think it's a bad idea beause anyone could find infromation about u and then next thing u know u've got their phone number even thogh u hardly know what their like

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    Posted by Em (U7270415) on Sunday, 24th January 2010

    I have most of them, they are such a distraction.
    I have my profile set to private, people try to add me and i decline them if i don't know them.
    the only info you need to give is where you live and your email address which isn't too much, but still could be seen to be bad.
    you don't have to post pictures of yourself, i don't! i hate the thought of uploading loads of pictures of myself onto facebook, but i suppose it's a good thing for people who are in love with themselves smiley - smiley xx

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    Posted by U14319229 (U14319229) on Saturday, 30th January 2010

    i think going on social networking sites like bebo and facebook are really a bad idea,ok talking to your friends online wow but you can meet strangers and just by adding them is a mistake it starts from there and ends up to be a big tragic thing.
    i'm not allowed and i'm so happy i'm not because i know that i am safe and it can lead to bullying and threatening or even worse.

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    Posted by U14320345 (U14320345) on Sunday, 31st January 2010

    I am not aloud facebook, bebo or anything...
    i would LOVE to have them, but know i would get addicted, and i have better things to do with my time! But, it is a very good way to keep in touch with friends, and see what they are up too!
    My Mum and Dad will let me have it when i am old enough to have it, and they know more about it, but my Mum and Dad are fine with me posting things on here because they trust the BBC! They also dont mind me having MSN.
    What do other people think?
    Holly x

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    Posted by helpful friend (U11233058) on Wednesday, 3rd February 2010

    I have both facebook and twitter and I find that its a good idea. As long as your settings are on private then it's fine. You would have to accept a friendship before having any contact with them.

    I have found all my mates from my previous school via facebook and therefore I think it's great.

    With twitter I don't think its as good because random people can follow your actions

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