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Capital Punishment

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    Posted by Angel (U13764959) on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

    Do you beleive that capital punishment should be brought back?? xxxxx

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    Posted by LadyH (U13776636) on Friday, 16th October 2009

    I think it should be but... more sophisticated than it was before.
    Okay take Saddam Hussain as an example. He was executed and keeping him alive wouldn't have really done anyone any good. But I think only for certain crimes, not like theft and tax crimes and manslaughter, but crimes against humanity in which people have been damaged beyond repair. Like rape or paedophillia. They can ruin people's lives and in my opinion it's unforgivable. But you'd need good solid evidence, because it would be awful to execute an innocent people. Maybe it'd be best to bring it back when there are ways to prove it 100%- like lie detector tests that are always accurate or something. Until then, I reckon we need harsher jail sentences and to get rid of parole. Cause good behaviour doesn't atone for murder, rape or paedophillia.

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    Posted by prudence_rabbit (U14176094) on Monday, 19th October 2009

    yep i agree with u ladyH

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    Posted by U14241334 (U14241334) on Wednesday, 2nd December 2009

    No killing someone who has killed someone else means they have murdered so they need to be killed, the person who kills them will be killed etc. BUt dying is easy so maybe capitol punishment isn't very good as it doesnt really ounish them, its easy, you just die and thats it!! TBH why bother with it? people argue both sides of the debate, just get over it!

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    Posted by U14303035 (U14303035) on Sunday, 17th January 2010

    No it shall not..! well we shall always learn how to forgive and forget.. why cant we help them to change for better citizens by making them realize their past mistakes rather than hanging them to death and creating new enermities towards this system which could cause more problems..
    However i believe that if the criminal (a particular one) is not being able to change himself even after being repeatedly talked with..!! even if then he does not understand his mistakes, it could be a punishment for them....

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    Posted by U14343031 (U14343031) on Wednesday, 17th February 2010

    Young Gibby Ruless !\:D/ smiley - santa

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    Posted by zebjess (U6130455) on Thursday, 25th February 2010

    I don't think it's our place to decides who lives and who dies. Aside from all other arguments I want to present a case to you.

    There was a man who pleaded guilty to commiting murder. He stood before the court and told them he went out with the full intention of killing two men. He also told everyone his reasons why.

    These two men a few months prior to their deaths abducted and raped the sister of the accused, after a few days of being subject to torture and humiliation they set her alight and she was burned to death. After finding the people who did this her brother shot the men who had taken his sister from him and willingly accepted life imprisonment.

    If capital punishment were legalised should this man have been killed for the murder of two murderers? Considering that this is only what our government would have done with them when they were caught.

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    Posted by U14251582 (U14251582) on Friday, 12th March 2010

    The whole point of the law is that every citizen has rights as well as responsibilities. For example, the responsility to not kill, and the right to not be killed.

    In many communities you only get the rights if you fulfill the responsibilities, which I think would work well in the country as a whole. For example, it would be justifiable to deny a murderer some of his human rights which he denied to his victim.

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    Posted by linnerz97 (U14497154) on Wednesday, 12th January 2011

    No, it is stupid that people want this back.

    Technically, it is still legal in the UK, but only for high treason, which is attempting to, or to kill the reigning monarch(king or queen), which wouldnt be done anyway due to human rights. If a person murders, then it should be life for life, in a way which if someone kills someone else, then they should get life in jail. If it was to be done for anything else, then they would get it worse than the crime that they commited. There are still some places in the world that allow this, and i believe that they should take a look at the death penalty, and change it, because it is completely wrong for this to happen.

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    Posted by spacemenrule94 (U14750957) on Wednesday, 12th January 2011

    In a civilised and democratic society, it is unacceptable to treat crimes 'like-for-like'. Capital punishment is an example of this. What sort of a message does it convey if a man is murdered (yes, murdered) for murdering somebody? Why should it be considered correct for authorities to condone the very atrocities that they are trying to condemn? I am sure everyone would consider it ridiculous if an arsonist was punished by having his own house burnt down. So why should serious crimes, like murder, be treated any differently?

    It is this kind of primitive, illogical thinking that we as a democracy should avoid. There is a reason why capital punishment is no longer in force - because it is a dated punishment that is no longer required in society. A reinstation of capital punishment would do nothing but drive British civilisation back into the 19th century. Leaving dated practices in the past, such as 'ducking', 'branding' and capital punishment, can therefore only be regarded as a good thing.

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    Posted by Williams94 (U14881079) on Thursday, 26th May 2011

    Capital punishment is a stupid idea. It 's basically a whole contradtion on itself.. If we kill a person becuase they killed someone, how is this right? You can't have one type of killing right and one wrong. If killing is morally wrong, it goes for everything and everyone, regardless of anything. There is surely a better way of punishment, we should teach people wrong from right and let them learn, killing them is just the easy and lazy way out of dealing with something difficult. Also, in countrys where they use the capital punishment, statistics show that there is no lower crime rate than in a country where capital punishment is not used, this shows that it is not even effective! There is a reason why we stopped capital punishment, we should be moving forward in time, not back.

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    Posted by U15097952 (U15097952) on Saturday, 14th January 2012

    I know it sound harsh but i want it back then that way crime should go down and the criminals who commit serious crimes wont do it again, because there dead and it means that any criminal who thinks they can get away with it may be in for a nasty shock.
    But on the other hand, you are executing a criminal, and i know i am stupid for saying this but in my opinion one death is still too many despite the fact they have broke the law. Being locked up is enough sometimes.

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