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Don't Underestimate Ballet

Hi!I started this debate when I was younger, on CBBC, and I ...


Nina Sep 24, 2011

Do you think civil ...

I personally think that it really doesnt concern me , but if try ...


Jamila Sep 14, 2011

Designer Babies=/ What do you ...

Parents choose what their kids look like or personality and ...


ummmmmmmmm Sep 5, 2011

Who killed Lizzy??Pardaox puzzle

I just raed a book about paradoxes and philosophical questions. ...


phiosophychi k Sep 5, 2011

Is torture wrong?

Recently I read a philosophy book called 'Because it is wrong.' In ...


Krystal Beauty Sep 4, 2011

The difference between ...

Basically I understand the definition of murder and ...


Krystal Beauty Sep 2, 2011

Riots in london and other places

What are you thoughts of the riots that started in London?


Meg Aug 11, 2011

England Riots!

Good or Bad?I know the answer will most probablly be Bad, but i'd ...


pearlstoryte ller Aug 9, 2011

School Uniform?

It sounds like a very cliqche debate, but I think it a very ...


U14858148 Aug 5, 2011


Why do we send them away? Refugees are trying to seek asylum and ...


millz Jul 14, 2011

suicide .

should taking your own life be looked at the devils act. or ...


ginge Jul 5, 2011

Should there be political ...

I personally feel many young people know too little about the ...


Conor Jun 9, 2011


at school we r not allowed to wear make up but i think we should do ...


nicole_gxxx Jun 5, 2011

Is our time on earth coming ...

does anyone ever wonder:"could all the natural disasters and ...


jazzydramaqu een Jun 2, 2011

Olimpics in London

Is the olimpics good or bad?Many people think Good but what are ...


U14882856 Jun 1, 2011

VAT Rise

Do you think it will effect you a lot or not really?But even ...


ilovekpop May 31, 2011

Should we tax the rich more ...

What is the point in tax? Why should some people pay more than ...


Dre (Host) May 31, 2011

Is ageism tackled?

Racism, homophobia, sexism, all those have campaigns across most ...


Charlotte T May 19, 2011

Should we be forced to do ...

Gordon Brown has decided that, if re-elected, he will be making ...


snowbuilder May 14, 2011

Do you think extra ...

Hi GuysSome schools have after school actvities like drama or ...


U13834029 May 14, 2011

What is the definition of ...

I'm not going to beat around the bush i'm going to dive straight ...


U11205198 May 8, 2011

Is Trade good or bad

Hi Everyone,I wanted to know what you guys & girls think about ...


Purplekitten May 7, 2011


Okay, I understand uniform cause it keeps everyone equal ect and ...


adaptedgossi p May 3, 2011

should you have detention

no because most people when they have a detention what is the ...


sibel Apr 2, 2011

wonders about the next super ...

The current term could possibly be applied partially to america but ...


The source Mar 27, 2011

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