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    Posted by alltimelow14 (U14589358) on Monday, 21st November 2011

    im really stuck with what a levels i want to do, i'd like to do journalism or something writing related but my parents say im bright enough to be doing law. im so confused anyone give me any tips?!

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    Posted by Victoria (U15053893) on Monday, 5th December 2011

    hey im having to choose my a levels at the moment and i have decided to do buisness, law, english language & lit and criminology this helps me to do both

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    Posted by Bekah (U15055745) on Wednesday, 7th December 2011

    You may be smart enough to do law, but is that what you really want to do? Dont do what your parents want, do what makes you happy, because that's when you'll be at your brightest. smiley - smiley

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    Posted by Anniee_bAbyoxoxoxox (U15079350) on Thursday, 5th January 2012

    hey i would chose something you enjoy all the time and not very difficult unless you like a challenge. however i have taken english literature at the streetly school academy 6th form and it going really well. do you have an idea wher you would like to go for college? smiley - smileyx annie

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    Posted by U14677604 (U14677604) on Wednesday, 18th January 2012

    im about to take my a levels too and i want to take child development as a diploma, but my parents think that i am too bright and should take a levels. i dont want to dissapoint them and i am really confussed.
    i was just wondering have you made your decision yet ?

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    Posted by lia (U14442289) on Sunday, 22nd January 2012

    I'm also really stuck about what to take for my A-levels. I know I want to do to Geography and French, but as for the others I have no idea! I'm thinking of Welsh and Environmental Studies, but that'll probably change by next week!

    Take what you want. Don't let your parents into pressuarising you. Yes, they can give you advice but at the end of the day it's your choice. My parents want me to take a science but I told them that was never gonna happen! Also, speak to your subject teachers or school careers advice as they'll be able to help you.

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