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I don't know what 2 take 4 my options!

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    Posted by U13812634 (U13812634) on Tuesday, 3rd February 2009


    can someone help me too i want to be a vet but i dont know what to pick

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    Posted by U13270023 (U13270023) on Saturday, 7th February 2009

    For you options?
    I would recommend picking extra science (triple science)if your school offers this to become a vet, and you will probably need 3 sciences at A-level too (incuding biology and chemistry), but you dont need to worry about that now! Science seems a practical option, but otherwise, so long as there are subjects you do well at and enjoy, you'll be fine.
    smiley - smiley

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    Posted by Amy_124 (U13821113) on Sunday, 8th February 2009

    Gabbi, you say you wnat to do something along the lines of writing..if i were you i would stick with what you love to do and what you're good at. english of course is essential if you want to do something in writing, history may also be good for you, i take it and im in year good for essay writing, which may be essential in your further career and arguing points for and against,,good for background in journalism etc. if you are very good at art go for it..however it is quite hard to get great marks in it due to certain teachers preferences. science is always great if you want to keep your options open. if you are okay/good at it i would definately go for it as further employers like the fact that someone has a grade in science. BUT DONT LET ANYONE MAKE CHOICES FOR YOU.. decide for yourself, lots of my friends just chose what the rest of their freinds did and ended up not doing so well, hating the class or being bored with the class. dont worry though you have a long way to go before making these decisions. dont panic...remeber its only school :]

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    Posted by U13858403 (U13858403) on Wednesday, 4th March 2009

    I Took Music Drama And Law As They Are Subjects I Enjoy But Also Subjects That Will Help Me When Im Older For What Job I Want To Do
    So Think Along The Lines Of Subjects You Enjoy Doing But Also Subjects That Will Help You When You Leave School To Get A Job


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    Posted by Lauren (U13858525) on Wednesday, 4th March 2009

    I Am In Year 9 And Have Just Chosen My Options, I Really Did'nt Have A Clue What I Wanted To Do So .....

    I Thought To My Self What Am I Good At, And What Subjects Do I Like.

    Ask Your Teachers At School Do You Think You Will Be Able To Do It, Are You Achiving In Lessons. Also Ask Your Perents About It If They Could Give You Any Tips.


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    Posted by Chazi (U13858722) on Wednesday, 4th March 2009

    Hey, I would take what you like. I don't know about your school but we had to take Science, English, Maths, PE, RE and IT. Then we could choose 4 options. If you want to be a writer, I would take anything where you have to be creative like art. If you think being a writer is just a vague idea choose stuff more acaedemic like history or geography to make you more employable. Being a writer is hard to get into so go on, get a free login and follow everything. It really helps with your career. Good Luck

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    Posted by U13861183 (U13861183) on Friday, 6th March 2009

    for languages:
    unless you are quite fluent don't go for a if you have never done spanish don't!
    i took german for gcse as well as french, i found it difficult because it exam's where always at the same time and i ended up muddling the two although i was quite fluent...

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    Posted by U13865548 (U13865548) on Monday, 9th March 2009

    your sad your only in yr 8 liv a little and forget bout all that stress till u come to it. some people man there so pathetic get a life , and live it day to day !!!!!!!!!

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    Posted by U13868500 (U13868500) on Wednesday, 11th March 2009

    i would just take what subjects you enjoy. when i came to chose my options i just chose the subjects i liked and thought i would enjoy.

    It is always good to talk to ur teachers to see what they think and whether you would be able to do their subject for a GCSE.

    I had to choose my options and i went round my teachers to see what they thought and this really helped me to make my decision.

    but if you are only in yr8 then i wud wait as u have another year to decide what u want to do and u never know but u may even change ur mind on what career u want to do like i did.

    Also make sure although u are picking options for yr10 make sure u pick subjects that keep ur options open in case u change ur mind. Then u have other subjects to choose from if you do.

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    Posted by LadyH (U13776636) on Friday, 13th March 2009

    Year 8? Don't you take them in year nine? Or do all schools vary?

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    Posted by U13875943 (U13875943) on Tuesday, 17th March 2009

    Hello, well ive just picked my options and id say it has been some sort of a funny time. I read quite a lot in the helping booklets like "connections" and they gave me a hand, but the main fact that i understood or discovered for myself about my options is that you have to take options you good at and enjoy, to get high grades in and to get into a good college. For example take subjects that you will surely get a high mark and then when you are in college, you eather follow on the same path or switch and study subjects you would like a carrer in

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    Posted by Go!!! (U13909938) on Thursday, 9th April 2009

    I had to choose my options in year 8, to early i think. It will be ok and if you find you dont like one of your options you can always ask to change it.

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    Posted by U13927875 (U13927875) on Tuesday, 21st April 2009

    when coming to choosing your options for gcse there is no real reason to worry ,but i think its good for you to think ahead because i didn't and when it came to it i felt under pressure to make a quick decision.

    i think the best advice i can give you and that you will be told in the near future is to pick subjects ; you enjoy and subjects your good at ,dont choose subjects because your friends are doing them. In the future when you are looking for a job most employers look at how many qualification you have not what you have them in.

    there isn't a real need to worry though your teachers will help you and ask your parents and friends for advice to if you are still finding it hard.

    Good Luck


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    Posted by U13929117 (U13929117) on Thursday, 23rd April 2009

    take subjects that will help you with your career in the future. history is a good one, employers love it for some reason smiley - smiley. Good Luck..oh also choose subjects that you like otherwise you will find the lessons boring and probably fail!!
    Ally x

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    Posted by U13938371 (U13938371) on Tuesday, 28th April 2009

    I know what you're going through,
    Im in the same position,
    I think you should take subjects that you know you can enjoy and concetrate in. Also subjects that you know you can pass or put hard effort in.
    The better grades you get in your GCSE's , the better education you get for your A levels,
    Goodluck x

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    Posted by xpinksparkx (U11215980) on Saturday, 2nd May 2009

    you should take
    english lit
    english writing
    english language

    and then something you like e.g art, music etc

    hope i helped smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by lauren bb3x (U13952389) on Thursday, 7th May 2009

    Dont worry i hve just dne my options and i had nt a clue what i wanted to do when i waz older but you can do what you want to do the main things are english,maths and science which you have to do the rest is up to you dont worry

    Lauren x

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    Posted by braceyface (U13949702) on Thursday, 7th May 2009

    i dont know wot to do either!!smiley - erm

    i want to be a socail worker, but i dont know what options to take?

    i know that i need to take health and social care, but i want to take soicolgy but they dont do that in our school. so what else shall i do?

    please help me this is really hard and i need to choose it by next mondaysmiley - sadface


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    Posted by Moi! (U14021413) on Sunday, 7th June 2009

    I took Art, Expressive Arts, Latin and History of Medicine because I know I will enjoy them and what's the point of choosing a subject if you don't enjoy it? They may not be useful in later life but I'm taking all the sciences, maths, eglish and re too so i'm covered. I have no idea what I want to do though it'll probably involve media and/or acting, singing etc. Our school made us chose them really quickly but take your time over it - after all you're going to be spending the next 2 years sudying them!

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    Posted by sciencert (U14045460) on Monday, 22nd June 2009

    Well, you should wait untill you know what band you're going to be in - (depending on your year 8 and 9 results.) But seen as you enjoy writing English is not available in options as it is a core subject. My freind loves to write and my schools offers a diploma -(in options.) your school may do too in which you can take a creative writing course equivalent to a GCSE although, this is only availiable to the GCSE+ band (the medium band.) and not the top band. as for science both the medium and top bands offer additional science which you are expected to take - I took this in the top band and then i got offered triple science -(physics, chemistry and biology.) Which you can take if your teacher thinks your good enough to do. and history i know is in top band and i'm pretty sure is in medium so you'll get to do all of them.

    Good Luck with your work!!! smiley - smiley

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    Posted by XXXXXXXEllieXXXXXXXXX (U14137262) on Tuesday, 15th September 2009

    if you don't know what you want to be when your older then take the subjects you like so then you can keep an open mind about things. then people can see you've done lots of different gcse's in the past.

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    Posted by EmoBabe22 (U14138339) (U14138339) on Wednesday, 16th September 2009

    Try to think of what you enjoy doing. For example... if you like working with kids, you could be a teacher or a child care worker.

    If you are good in art you may want to research online what jobs involve using art and take it from there.

    Hope you find this useful. =]

    [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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    Posted by [Fizz...x <33 MyImmortal] (U9631074) on Friday, 25th September 2009

    Hey there,
    I'm having the same problems as you. I'm now in Year 9 and I know that I want to do History and Drama, but I don't know which third subject to take!! smiley - sadface Everyone says that I should be a lawyer (but I can't debate well) or a journalist... I don't know what I want to be yet.

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    Posted by U14235149 (U14235149) on Thursday, 26th November 2009

    hi im hollie btw smiley - smiley,
    im in year 9 and i just had a visit from these people telling us about options ect and if your worried or confused you should really try these sites apparently there really helpfull smiley - smiley

    [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

    i hope these help smiley - smiley

    just choose what you enjoy and dont choose one just cause your friends choose it smiley - smiley

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    Posted by x lollypop x (U14236079) on Friday, 27th November 2009

    i'm taking my options after xmas. i'm thinking of taking Welsh, PE, German but i'm not sure what else to take? i'm not gonna take drama or health and social because the teachers don't tell you what you will be doing or give us a taster sesion. what do you think

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    Posted by singngym (U14182369) on Friday, 27th November 2009

    Same. All my teacher's r all trying to perswade me to do stuff. I think i want to be a doctor but i dont think i can get good enough grades in gcse to get to the top universities. Im a ickle bit stumped. I want to do subjects i like but im rubbish at them.
    smiley - erm

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    Posted by pinkgal91 (U8275612) on Friday, 11th December 2009

    I'm taking my in a few months. im gonna do:
    Media Studies
    Music technology BTEC
    Business Studies


    double science. smiley - smiley smiley - smiley xx

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    Posted by U14297574 (U14297574) on Saturday, 16th January 2010

    You have a whole year untill you have to pick, so relax! Talk to your teachers NEXT YEAR, and they we tell you if you are good at it or not.

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    Posted by U14302226 (U14302226) on Monday, 18th January 2010

    well am in yr9 and i soon have to pick my options . am thinking of taking triple science , health&social anc IT or French . mainly because it fits with what i want to be when i grow up , but also because i enjoy all these subjects. my advice is to take what you like best and what matches with what you want to be later on in life

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    Posted by U14320061 (U14320061) on Sunday, 31st January 2010

    Dont decide yet!!!!
    Talk to your mom & dad, and your teachers...
    You have plenty of time to decide! smiley - smiley

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    Posted by nissycool (U14324951) on Wednesday, 3rd February 2010

    Well I'm in yr 8 and I already know what I'm choosing:

    *Bussines Studies
    can't remember the last one
    But just do things you like
    I like hard lessons, challenges, you should choose things you like....

    Good Luck with what ur choosing

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    Posted by babygirl (U14325659) on Thursday, 4th February 2010

    If you want to be a vet then go for it

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    Posted by 07MonDud (U10456279) on Wednesday, 10th February 2010

    You still have year 9 to get through yet! I am in year 9 and I am just picking my options now. You will get advice from your teachers and a connexions advisor may come in to talk to you about the career path you want to take. It's really simple to decide when your given the right information so don't worry! Also you will probably only be aloud to do 3 or 4 GCSEs that you pick so History can be one, you could also probably do spanish and Art! And there is your 3. You will have to take Science so thats not a problem!

    Good luck with picking your options!

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    Posted by Mark (U14463832) on Thursday, 13th May 2010

    just choose what you think will be in the qualifications in your future job

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    Posted by Tickle (U14468623) on Friday, 14th May 2010

    Don't worry about it in year 8, in year 9 they give you as much information as possible...But it's always best to do topics that you enjoy/are good at. Also, think about occupational requirements and it should be easy as pie! smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by U14482638 (U14482638) on Thursday, 27th May 2010

    Heyyya... So i am in year 10 and not too far away from year 11 and i have choosen options that i thought i would enjoy the best as i dindt really think about the job i wanted which i really regret as i really want to become an actor and i havn't choosen drama which i get really upset and mad about. So do you have any ideas or tips for me. I read that you said you can change your options, is that true ? , thanks xxxx Lauren xx

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    Posted by Siobhan K (U14559264) on Tuesday, 20th July 2010

    Well, you need to choose subjects that are worthwhile, but also ones you fairly enjoy. Choosing a humanity, a language, and an arts subject would give you a good range of subject.

    In terms of what you plan to do when you leave school, have you tried [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]? That might give you some idea to help you to choose your options.

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    Posted by U14536763 (U14536763) on Thursday, 19th August 2010

    I am starting Y9 in september and i want to do history and photography and either food or music or dance because I enjoy them and I'm good at them. ( current history level 8c. for Y8 thats good!!)

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    Posted by linnerz97 (U14497154) on Tuesday, 31st August 2010

    well, im starting year 9 in a few days, and i have an idea on what to take.
    as my school is a specialist science school, the top third of my year were invited to take triple science, an I was chosen, and I decided to take it, so i already have one chosen, but i still have 3 options left to choose when i go into year 9.
    At the moment, I want to take food because i really enjoy it, music because i am an active member of the choir, orchestra, and have 2 instrumental lessons a week for violin and drums, and my last option, i am still considering. My mum really wants me to take french, which i have achieved 98-99% on all my tests, but the class always goes too slow for me, and we spent five lessons learning 10 simple words, which is why i dont really like it. at the moment, i am thinking of taking geography because it links into the job i want to do, which is working for nasa, studying the planets and stars outside the solar system, and working on the discovery, and investigation of alien life.
    I am still considering, but option choice is literally just around the corner for me, and I am still thinking of the options on which to take

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    Posted by Charlotte T (U14688801) on Monday, 16th May 2011

    Work out the job or at least area you want to work in. Try looking on the connexions job website for some ideas. Then work backwards.
    For me I want to be a criminal psychologist. This means I will want a degree in Psychology and Criminology. To get those I need to study psychology at A levels. At GCSE I need english at a B and maths at a C to study Psychology since it's a hard subject. Therefore me options didn't matter much however I took triple science (biology of the brain could be useful), history (good all rounder) and BTEC Health and Social Care (get to work in environments where people need psychological help and some assignments included making fake agony aunt pages).

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    Posted by U14940518 (U14940518) on Sunday, 21st August 2011

    hey gabbi

    Im in the same situation as you my options are really close. if you have a vague feeling of being a writer than heres what i would take i dont want to be a writer i want to do law but hers what i think you should do

    1. english }
    2. science } beacuse you have to
    3. maths }
    4. drama (for creativness)
    5.a language
    6. ict (for when you type it and if it brakes you no how to fix it)
    and the rest is wht ever u want

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    This posting has been hidden during moderation because it broke the House Rules in some way.

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    Posted by U15007374 (U15007374) on Tuesday, 18th October 2011

    I'm just leaving year 8 and it just occured 2 me how close choosing my options I am!

    I have a vage idea that I want to be some sort of writer when I leave school or something like that but I don't know what options to take. I want 2 do long course Welsh because i'm Welsh but I;m stumped about languages. I want to do spanish but i'm not sure if my school do it. I really good at science and history 2 so i want 2 take them. I also really enjoy art and I'm fine at that.

    So i have NO idea abou what I want 2 b when i'm older or what options to take. I know it's all down 2 me but does anyone have any suggestions?

    Dont worry about it! Im in year 9 and my school are sorting out interviews and stuff for me. As long as you have a rough idea they will help you. If you want to be a writer then I would recommend English lit and language. Other than that just research!! smiley - smiley


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    Posted by U15007374 (U15007374) on Tuesday, 18th October 2011

    I'm taking my in a few months. im gonna do:
    Media Studies
    Music technology BTEC
    Business Studies


    double science. smiley - smiley smiley - smiley xx 
    Im going to do:
    English Language

    I know its a lot but we have to do maths sciences and German.

    Take what your good at!

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    Posted by U15060820 (U15060820) on Monday, 12th December 2011

    Hey, I'm in year 9- I think I want a career in Media Studies, but I'm not the directing type, I know I'm taking IT too, as our school makes it compulsory, and I like languages,I'm doing French and German and might try some Greek, I like travelling, what kind of job would I be good at?

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    Posted by U14536763 (U14536763) on Friday, 16th December 2011

    Hi, don't be worried as at the start of Y9 I had no idea what I was going to take. In the end I took History, Dance and Spanish, which I love but didn't originally want to do. So do take suggestions from others because otherwise I wouldn't have taken Spanish, which I now want to do at university smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15160471 (U15160471) on Friday, 24th February 2012

    hi, im in year 8 and im just about to choose my options! so if you think your finding it difficult, imagin doin it a year earlier.!!
    i know i want to be sumthing to do with film, hopefully an actress but if not, sumthing like a pruducer, directer or costume designer.
    does your school do english lit. coz i think that will help you, also stuff to do with jernalism(<sorry cant spell!)
    hope that helps
    if you have any advice for me i would love to hea it!!

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