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GCSE results and oxbridge entry

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    Posted by U13960983 (U13960983) on Tuesday, 12th May 2009

    As long as you do really well in your AS and A2 levels you should be fine.
    I went on a Cambridge College entry tour thing and they said they had people doing physics who had failed french gcse.
    Those results look amazing - and Latin is a really hard subject so a B wouldnt be looked down on

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    Posted by harrypottermadness (U9497390) on Sunday, 31st May 2009

    hey Lychovida ,
    Your predicted grades are pretty amazing.
    definately apply as you have nothing to lose:
    I would concentrate really hard on boosting your reference with after school activities such as duke of edinburgh, choir or sport so that you stand out against others with the same grades. Try your hardest at the GCSEs and it sounds like you are immense at the achademic stuff so give yourself a real push in your revision but remember to breathe and not panic in the exam or it will all have been a waste of time
    good luck im sure youl do well

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    Posted by Cass (U14019125) on Friday, 5th June 2009

    I'm really worried about getting into University. I'm sitting my GCSEs/iGCSEs now. I really want to go to Oxford and study Maths and I am wondering if my GCSE results will pull me down. I'm only doing 5 GCSEs (I'm homeschooled) but apparently, that is the minimum or something. I'm also technically in Year 9.

    So here's my predicted results:

    Maths A* (iGCSE)
    Physics A* (iGCSE)
    French A* (GCSE)
    English Language A*/A (iGCSE)
    English Literature A*/A (iGCSE)

    I've also done the AS for the old syllabus of Music where the highest you can get is an A. I got an A. I'll use that as another sort of GCSE.

    For my A Levels (I'm going back to school for those.) I'm going to do Further Maths, Maths, Physics, Music and up to AS - Critical Thinking.

    Could someone tell me if I've got good or bad chances getting into Oxford?

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    Posted by follow_ur_heart (U3561327) on Sunday, 14th June 2009

    you're really clever.
    If you look at your language marks they are very high, with your science and maths slightly lower. But getting an A or A* in every subject is amazing!!! (I'm ignoring the latin)

    What I would say is don't get too hung up on uni just yet. I would keep that ultimate goal in mind as something to aim for but at presnt focus on getting as high as you can in GCSEs, then choosing the right A levels for you. Just remember A level is a big step and you will have to work hard.

    Just keep trying your best and you will be fine

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    Posted by U14040208 (U14040208) on Thursday, 18th June 2009

    i went to worcester for 2 weeks its rubish

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    Posted by Natalie (U9441750) on Tuesday, 30th June 2009

    Why Oxford? There are plenty of other great University's! However if you've set your heart on going then your GCSE grades are fine, although they tend to look more at you A Level results. Someone said that you need at least 5 A* you don't.

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    Posted by SmileyAlways (U14013708) on Saturday, 18th July 2009

    I really like your way of thinking! I completely agree, the worst that happens- you get rejected, other universities offer the same courses.
    Good Luck though!
    smiley - smiley

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    Posted by Krystal Beauty (U14190265) on Saturday, 19th December 2009

    I've read that Oxbrige don't look at your GCSE results but rather at things like personal statements to see if you have potential. So take it easy lie back and do the best you can - then you can't blame yourself whether or not you get in because you know that you couldn't have tried any harder.
    Good luck but remember to enjoy the journey!

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    Posted by RandomUnknownGirl (U14275235) on Wednesday, 26th May 2010

    I think the main reason people want to go to oxbridge is the reputation both universities have and the contacts that you make when you get there, that can apparently really help.

    Also, those grades are amazing. I'm never going to be able to get anything that good.

    Does anyone know if they take into account whether you did a subject early entry because last year (when i was in year 10) I took Critical Thinking As Level but I only got a D in it. Do you think they will think its a bad grade or not as I took it 2 years early and did it out of hours?

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    Posted by if you want help ask (U14498103) on Monday, 7th June 2010

    oh i wish id goo those grades the best i can get is a grade B

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    Posted by Siobhan K (U14559264) on Tuesday, 20th July 2010

    My older brother is at Oxford university doing a maths and computer science degree. For his GCSE's he got 9 A*'s, although I think he was only predicted about 5. Then he got 4 A's at AS-level and 3 A's at A-level.
    Although GCSE results are important, I think universities look more at your A-level results than your GCSE's, at least this is true with Cambridge anyhow.

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