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so confused!

I really want to choose a career so i have a goal set, but i ...


NC95 Jun 27, 2011

I want to be a writer, but I ...

Hey,I want to be a writer when I'm older because writing is my ...


U14842018 Jun 23, 2011

nurse! thats what i wanted to be

i will doing my GCSEs in summer and i reallly wanted to be a nurse.


Rose Jun 9, 2011

A Level Options

I have already chosen 3 of my 4 A Levels I would like to do .... ...


MishMashPota to Jun 8, 2011

options and gsces for English ...

what options and GSCEs would you need to take to qualify to ...


rhian na na niiiiii Jun 6, 2011


Hi, I really want to go into fashion journalism when I have ...


Abigail4ELLE Jun 6, 2011

Business Studies, PE or ICT

I'm in year 8 and I'm picking my options, as my school do them a ...


U14677456 Jun 5, 2011

Loughborough College

For a while now I have bee wanting to join the RAF and I now know ...


Stuart Jun 5, 2011

Oxbridge entrance

hey, i want to go to either Oxford or Cambridge but i'm only in ...


U14886765 Jun 1, 2011

GCSE options?? (Am only year 8)

Hi, I'm in year 8 at school and have been wondering about what ...


Indie_Girl_x x May 3, 2011

What Carer???

i LOVE eNGLISH, mUSIC, Law and debating i also like writing ...


U14745807 Apr 26, 2011

What career should I take??

HiI was born in England and moved to france when I was 9. I've ...


Mary Apr 17, 2011

What shall i be??????

Hi, there i am in Year 8 and would like to become either an MP or a ...


U14745807 Apr 17, 2011


i am not really sure what gcses are really neede for? uni or ...


U14794289 Mar 26, 2011

Do you know what career I ...

I am currently thinking about my future, and hope to study BA ...


U14804839 Mar 12, 2011


hii am not at my gcses at all but all i want to do is do my gcse ...


U14767633 Mar 12, 2011


what options do you need to be a beautician i am gonna take ...


U14799590 Mar 12, 2011

AS geography or AS history!!

hi i'am really helpless about whether to choose AS geography ...


U14803447 Mar 4, 2011

Thinking of becoming a doctor

I have thought of becoming a doctor, for many years. I have ...


Roux1 Mar 2, 2011

I'd love to be a teacher, any ...

Even though I'm in year 8, I'd love to be a teacher for a ...


angel00 Feb 28, 2011

youth pastor

i want to be a youth pastor because i think it would be ...


sarah Feb 26, 2011

Train Driver

I Wanna Be A Train Driver And My Boyfirnd Wants To Be A Train ...


Sydney_Baby Feb 23, 2011


I just wandered if anyone new what pathway you could take if you ...


U14793181 Feb 22, 2011

6th Form College

OK, so I go to a high school with a sixth form and almost all of ...


Leah Feb 8, 2011


i need help on how to revise. second year of gcse's and ...


lgfreelance Feb 8, 2011

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