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Closing Student Life Message ...

To all members of the BBC Student Life Message BoardsWe're very ...


Student Life Feb 29, 2012

i need help

well im leaving school soon and its pretty hard cause i aint ...


U15197321 Mar 22, 2012

what is ur dream job.....:) :)

my dream job is becoming a pharmacist whats yours? ...


gemfunnyfrem Mar 22, 2012

i really want to be dentist :D

i have wanted to be a dentist ever since about yr 6 and now i am in ...


naashells Mar 12, 2012

A Level

HeyI have come to a stage where I have started to rrethink the A ...


Monique1996 Mar 8, 2012

Business Studies or Food ...

Hey everyone!I'm currently choosing my options, and I think ...


U15129009 Mar 7, 2012

ewanting to be a doctor or ...

Hi, I want to be a doctor or at least want to do something ...


U15076075 Mar 7, 2012

English Literature & Language ...

I have recently decided that I would like to continue English ...


Mollymae Mar 5, 2012

If you don't do a subject at ...

I have already chosen my options for GCSE and Media Studies ...


U15116741 Feb 27, 2012

I don't know what 2 take 4 my ...

Hi,I'm just leaving year 8 and it just occured 2 me how close ...


Gabbi Feb 24, 2012

should i do it?

i'm in year 9,i get A- A* grades, and have a real interest in ...


U15144570 Feb 20, 2012

Make-up Artist

I'm in year seven and would love to be a make-up artist! But I ...


U15147283 Feb 18, 2012

what path should i take

hi im in year 10 and we are looking at colleges i want to ...


cazzie Feb 15, 2012

What to do for work experience

Hey,I've got my work experience in the summer.... I would really ...


Roux1 Feb 15, 2012

How long will you be in ...

I've worked it out that I will be 26 when i finish my schooling ...


Kayla Feb 11, 2012

What options do I pick if I ...

Please helpp my options are soon and i have no idea what to pick. ...


LocooMocoo Feb 6, 2012

i would want to be n accountant

Im Only In Yr9 Andd i would really want to be an accountant.But do ...


SamII Feb 6, 2012

Is it possible?

I wanna become a surgeon. I attend a low achieving school in the ...


Amy Feb 6, 2012


Hey everyone,I have got to choose my GCSE options soon and need a ...


Rachel Feb 5, 2012

I'm in year 11, and i have ...

..I have no thoughts, this is why i need the helpD: :L


Megan989 Feb 1, 2012

CV for work experience

I'm trying to write a CV for work experience at a hospital. What ...


starz Jan 29, 2012


Hey guys im really stuck what is dida and whats it corse like ...


xxemxx Jan 25, 2012


im really stuck with what a levels i want to do, i'd like to do ...


alltimelow14 Jan 22, 2012

im stuck between two options ...

Im stuck between media and textiles for gsces and i cant ...


Jad Jan 20, 2012

work experience..

hi what age can you start to do work experiance....I want ot be ...


U15076075 Jan 8, 2012

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