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    Posted by U15168172 (U15168172) on Thursday, 1st March 2012

    Whenever my English lessons occur, there is always one student who tries to be the teacher's pet.

    This may seem normal, but I am particularly annoyed about how the teacher shows so much favouritism. This REALLY annoys me! I always try hard in class without being a teacher's pet but I never seem to win smiley - sadface

    Any advise on getting better marks?

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    Posted by U15058513 (U15058513) on Saturday, 3rd March 2012

    first of all you don't need to "win" because you will probably find that she is disliked by many. Also tell the head of deparment how you feel. If it is her then talk to your head of year. Maybe talk to a Oasis group? they are yr 10 that you can talk to they tend to have a room in the school.

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    Posted by U15165715 (U15165715) on Saturday, 3rd March 2012

    You'll probably find that your friends, classmates and English teacher find this person equally annoying - probably more so!! Your English teacher will feel harassed for one thing, I can guarantee you! My advice would be to keep your head down, work hard and you'll be out of there in no time anyway. Good luck - they will get their comeuppance smiley - smiley x

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