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I dont have a life...

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    Posted by Holly Ha (U14969997) on Friday, 16th September 2011

    I am in yr 7 and i just cannot make any friends, its so hard... all my friends from primary have their on group of people to hang out with.

    But me, during luchtimes/playtimes i walk around the school to try and kill time...

    So do you think i have a life?

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    Posted by Roux1 (U14765172) on Tuesday, 20th September 2011

    Hi Holly
    I'm sorry to hear that, I've had a similar experience to you. Its really difficult seeing other people with other friends and just being left by yourself.
    You do have a life... having a life is not just about friends its about lots of other things as well. You're in year 7 and u have just started a new school so its going to take time to settle in and 4 everyone to get to know eachother. I guarantee it, u will definately make new friends... I think in ur new classes, maybe try and get to know the person sitting next to u, maybe go to the library or join lunchtime/afterschool clubs. these are all gd ways of making new friends.... have a look out for flyers in ur school for clubs.....
    if so, u cld go up to ur friends from primary and just start a coversation by asking how they r.... or c wat they do during lunchtimes and ask to c if u can hang out with them....
    maybe join activities out of school but in the local area coz there may be kids who go to these clubs..........
    I'm in yr 10, I've just moved school and in my old school i had lots of problems with friends and stuff, in my new school i have go to know people by joining clubs outside school as well as talking to people who sit next to me in class....
    I'm really sorry about this and i hope things get better for u.

    Roux1 x

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    Posted by Safiya122 (U14983325) on Thursday, 22nd September 2011

    You do have a life but your perhaps a bit shy or not very sociable. Why don't you go to clubs and just associate yourself with people about things you like?

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    Posted by Megggg (U14728294) on Saturday, 29th October 2011

    Hey Holly!

    I can understand how hard this must be for you, as well as how lonely it must be. You go through school making new friends and leaving friends behind.. it's a normal process. You must know that you aren't on your own, and there are many people at your school who may also feel alot like you, although you may not think it.

    In order to make friends, be yourself! don't change yourself in order to fit in, you will find it will be much easier to just be yourself than live up to some body else standards.

    Next get involved, I know its hard if you're a shy person, but get confident and join clubs or get talking to new people, I'm sure there are a number of clubs you could join at school to create friendship groups and build confidence.

    I hope this helps hun! keep smiling! x x x

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    Posted by Alisha (U15006759) on Monday, 7th November 2011

    Dont worry! Just stay on the right path... keep doing well in your studies- get to know some teachers, there is probably another girl/boy feeling exactly the same way as you, the same thing happened to me last year but if you just focus on the right things... what could go wrong? Just dont worry smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15034007 (U15034007) on Sunday, 13th November 2011

    I am in yr 7 and i just cannot make any friends, its so hard... all my friends from primary have their on group of people to hang out with.

    But me, during luchtimes/playtimes i walk around the school to try and kill time...

    So do you think i have a life? 
    hi holly
    Im so sorry to hear it but you will make freinds and besides im in year 10 and i can remember how hard it was to make freinds but i did it in the end x moving into high school id the most scarey but you hsve over come it , just kepp trying a you eill make friends x

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    Posted by bezzed (U15053760) on Tuesday, 6th December 2011

    sorry to hear this holly smiley - sadface
    This is exactly how i was when in school. (homeschooled now smiley - smiley smiley - smiley
    i had no friends. i found out it dosnt mean you cant be friends with people a year older or younger. i made a friend called luis. he is a year younger than me.
    he had friends in my class, once we were friends he introduced me to his friends who were in my class!! ( he told them i was a lot cooler than they actualy thought i was. And suddennly before i knew it i was friends with everyone smiley - smiley smiley - smiley smiley - smiley smiley - smiley smiley - smiley smiley - smiley.
    Try to mix with people in other years and you will be supprised what can happen

    Hope this helps :D

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    Posted by Bekah (U15055745) on Wednesday, 7th December 2011

    Hi Holly, I know how you feel, and you're in quite a difficult situation. Try to be friends with people beyond your year group, and then maybe they will know people that you may soon become friends with. Just be yourself, dont ever change for anyone. Focus on your studies, and I know it can be hard if youre a shy person, but try and mix with people at clubs.
    Honestly, I think education is more improtant than friendship. Try going to the school library at lunch (if they have one) and you will probably find someone who is having a similar problem to you. I am year 10 and I'm not exactly popular, but I have the friends that I need, but I do remeber how hard it was to make friends at a new school!
    I remember all my family telling me that I shouldnt get upset whenever I fall out with one of my friends because I probably wont speak to many of them when I leave school.
    Making friends depends on who you are. I like performing arts so I met people with the same intrests as me by doing the school productions and dance competitons. If you like reading I'm sure youre school has a book club, and it almost definately has sports clubs. Just go along and see how it goes.

    Just be yourself, because then no one can tell you that you're doing it wrong. smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15170859 (U15170859) on Saturday, 3rd March 2012

    Of course you have a life!
    You are not going to make friends straight a way in year 7... I'm pin year 9 and I still haven't found my true friends.. so don't worry... Having no friends doesn't mean you don't have a life!

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