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Prom hate.

Overhyped. Expensive. Shallow. Anyone else with me?


U13270023 Jul 31, 2010

My future is being Destroyed:(

I really love science and I want to be a Neurologist(Speclist In ...


DREAM_HIGH:) Jul 27, 2010

Edexcel Functional Maths

Hi, just wondering if anyone knew what date the 2010 Edexcel ...


acook1996 Jul 27, 2010

Delay to new sign-in system ...

Hey,In the end the BBC is not rolling out the new sign-in ...


Student Life Jul 27, 2010


hi, i know that luck is only a small part of it, but does ...


polkadot Jun 26, 2010

Do universities really look ...

This is a question I seem to be asking myself constantly, do ...


birdy Jun 9, 2010

French Speaking Exam tips

Please can anyone give me any tips on how I can learn my 6 topics ...


pinki loz92 Jun 8, 2010

English Lit. GCSE - How was ...

I did my English Literature GCSE on Tuesday 25th of May. Did ...


Robyn May 30, 2010

Dramas in sixth form?

Is anybody else in sixth form like me? if so, hav u had drama after ...


Snowfuie May 23, 2010

Help Needed!

I am currently revising for my GCSEs which have just started ...


U14472451 May 20, 2010

Yr11's what are you going to ...

see when yr 11's leave, what are you all writing on your shirt ...


Chessie May 20, 2010

I hate revising

I know everyone is the same, revising is something everyone ...


Weird Duck May 18, 2010

Philosophy and Ethics ...

Hey Guys,I'm trying my best here and I think I'm doing ok, but I ...


Tickle May 15, 2010

i hate to go school...

i really hate to go school because my school is really boaring ...


neha May 14, 2010


im 16, and my gcse's are coming up.. and i dont know where to ...


U14465371 May 14, 2010

homework :-/

i think there is really no point of homework when we have just ...


U14215802 May 11, 2010

Going to miss school?

The title says it all, who's going to miss secondry school?


U14285592 May 10, 2010

Lost all friends

There has been a rumor going round about me saying horrible things ...


U14371716 May 10, 2010

study leave?

hi,at our school, they are barely giving us any study leave before ...


polkadot May 7, 2010

y10 exams this week!

hey,i have my year 10 exams tomorrow to friday and i am ...


U14447497 May 6, 2010

What do you think about ...

I know few people ( including myself)who could not choose ...


sophy May 3, 2010


im in year ten and my exams are in 2 weeks. I have 10 subjects to ...


x_CrAzYandPr OuD_x Apr 29, 2010

focussing on revision difficult?

hi,i am finding it really difficult at the moment to ...


polkadot Apr 28, 2010

final exams

I'm in yr 11 at my school, and in june i have my final GCSE exams, ...


craig Apr 28, 2010

Good Bio Revision?

I use videos and podcasts, you can put them on your iPod and go for ...


countdowntos ummer'10 Apr 24, 2010

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