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How long do you think you ...

heyIm in my 3rd year of high school and i have exams coming ...


LIB Apr 14, 2010

Should WE do something about ...

I'd love for someone of our age-teenager to actually do ...


Arsenal Supporter Apr 3, 2010

French Listening audio

does anyone know where to get AQA foundation listening tracks, or ...


acook1996 Mar 30, 2010

How to revise for GCSE ...

Hi everyone,I'm a 14 year-old student in year 10 and i do ...


U14400552 Mar 30, 2010


Hi I am rubbish at poetry and our new topic in English is ...


89lrigedir Mar 13, 2010

I can't concentrate!

Since I've been back at school, I've got loads of homework, but ...


x~phantomgir l~x Mar 10, 2010

My parents are mega strict

My parent are mega strict and they don't allow me to do things that ...


pwincess cool Mar 10, 2010


Hey, im due to get my english language GCSE result this week, ...


U14290101 Mar 5, 2010

Year 10 Work Experience Ideas!?

Okay, so I'm doing my work experience in July, and my form ...


U14350730 Mar 4, 2010

stuck on choosing subjects

hi, i'm supposed to be thinking about the subjects i want to ...


--B-u-b-b-l- e-s-- Mar 1, 2010

highers ?

were picking our subjects for next year , most of friends are ...


U14357536 Feb 28, 2010


I feel under lot of presure because the coursework ar so ...


U14322612 Feb 24, 2010

What more can be done to stop ...

the title says it all, so what do you think?


Arsenal Supporter Feb 16, 2010

G.C.S.E Terror!

You have to help me with this cause I'm kinda of stuck! I am ...


U12271726 Feb 16, 2010

My Parents Don't Want Me To ...

Well I think I know my options, the ones I obviously have to ...


NeonAngel2k8 Feb 15, 2010


hi im heather and i think that we, poeple that are homeschooled ...


Heather Feb 12, 2010

stupid names

been at school for about 3 weeks now and we all have to have ...


lilbithyper Feb 10, 2010

Self-teaching A Levels!!

I'm in a situation I'm sure many others have been in; my school ...


vintage+girl Feb 10, 2010

Modern United Nations...Help! lol

hey...xDmy school is going to another school for a 3 day model ...


U14304687 Feb 2, 2010


Hey, Well i've just turned 16 and I have braces and have for the ...


ThatKindaThi ng Jan 31, 2010


i'm currently in year 11and there is a lot of stuff going on at ...


U14300588 Jan 30, 2010

Stressed out

Im really stressed as our shool is making us do a load of tests and ...


U14278254 Jan 30, 2010


I am not so tall and keep getting shoved against the walls People ...


pwincess cool Jan 29, 2010

Home schooling to college?

Hiaa, i really want to start college im 14 and will be 15 in ...


beautyqueen: ) Jan 26, 2010

Changes to sign-in this ...

Hi, On Wednesday 27th January, the BBC is rolling out a new sign-in ...


Student Life Jan 25, 2010

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