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    Posted by Fabbity Fab Red Dolphin 22 (U14797217) on Saturday, 3rd December 2011

    Hi, i've recently been sitting around the house bored. I've got a lot of empty folders and files and want to fill them. So, i had this idea of making an English project and i didnt know what to do it on. I looked on Bitesize for some ideas but i couldn't come up with any. So, i decided to post a message on here to see if you guys have any ideas? I just recently did an English project at school on biographies, and i dont think Shakespeare's really my thing , so i want to try and stay away from both of those topics. Sorry to bother you, let's just see if you have any ideas so put your imagination to the test, and thankyouu <3
    Bye for now!
    Fabbity Fab Red Dolphin 22 =^_^=

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    Posted by Drake_30 (U15053805) on Monday, 5th December 2011

    I enjoy writing play scripts, poems, news reports, etc.

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