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Whats a good non-fiction book?

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    Posted by Tessa (U14575950) on Thursday, 5th August 2010

    I need a non-fiction book for school and so far I haven't liked any books that have come my way! I need to do a book report for school, but luckily its due in November! So, I have forever to read them and find a good book.

    Are there any good books you guys know of that's non-fiction and appropriate for school?

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    Posted by Drake_30 (U15053805) on Monday, 5th December 2011

    A good non-fiction story is 'Touching the Void'. It is also educational.

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    Posted by Fabbity Fab Red Dolphin 22 (U14797217) on Tuesday, 6th December 2011

    Hi, today i was watching Blue Peter, and every year they have their Book Awards. I looked at the shortlist and some non-fiction books that were on there were :
    The countdown to 2012 olympics
    Discover the extreme world.

    The Countdown To The 2012 Olympics; it tells you exactly what sports are in the olympics, and what rules/regulations there are, and it seems a pretty good book. Never read it but it looks good.

    Discover The Extreme World; it has lots and lots of extreme facts it in - extreme sports, animals, anything! It also has some really cool and intereting things that you should know! definately worth a read but again, i've never read it.

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