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Northern Ireland killers

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    Posted by crazyirishhamster (U13676937) on Sunday, 8th March 2009

    As most people know by now dissident republicans of Northern Ireland have killed two Royal Engineers, and injured four others at least two innocent pizza delivery men.

    This is shortly a few days after the SAS has been deployed to Northern Ireland for an undercover investigation into dissident republicans opposed to the peace process. Thos was announced worldwide blowing the undercover part of the operation. This has opened for the dissidents to start operations again.

    I think the media should be ashamed for blowing the SAS's cover.

    The killers and their helpers in my opinion are not worthy of being allowed to live, i may live in England, but my mother is Irish and worked as a nurse during the troubles and my uncle is a policeman there to this day.

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    Posted by stackke (U13861555) on Thursday, 12th March 2009

    I think that it was probally total conidence that the Soldiers were murdered just after the Police commisonar revealed that the SAS were being deployed becasue these sorts of terroist attacks take weeks of planning you would have to know the place where the murders took place inside out so you could not do that in just one week!

    As for the actual terroists they should be given the same treatment as they gave the Soldiers why do they think that they can go around murdering the Soldiers which were about to go out to Iraq and protect our countrys interests!

    Another thing is WHY did the sentry at the barracks return fire? According to the newspapers he was only armed with a pistol with 30 bullets in the UK mainland i.e Britain a Miltary base is guarded by Soldiers with machine guns so why is Northen Ireland an exception being on the the UK's most troublesome areas!!!

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    Posted by oblivliam1 (U13850735) on Thursday, 12th March 2009

    Well it is not fair to say whether you they should live or not because they shouldn't bring back the death penalty.

    But I believe that it is ridiculous for terrorist groups such as The Real IRA to fight over a bit of land. They should realise that a lot of people in Nothern Ireland want to be part of the UK.

    Even if most people in Northern Ireland didn't want to be in the UK, killing soldiers and innocent people is not the way to change things.<doh>

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    Posted by U13884410 (U13884410) on Monday, 23rd March 2009

    If I can just rev this thread, as it deserves more attention really.
    Allow me to put forward a counter-argument.

    It's hypocritical to label these Republicans as cowards, evil etc. in one breath, and then voice any kind of support for the military.

    Wars fought by or supported by the UK employ a more technologically advanced cowardice.

    For instance, Taliban fighters are dispatched with the aid of aircraft which by the time it's in vision, has already blasted you to pieces.

    In Gaza, a war of occupation supported by the UK, Israel bombs helpless civilians and insurgents alike not allowing either to fight back.

    Do not think that I believe in honour in war, but I believe that the IRA are simply employing a long recognised form of warfare that is neigh-impossible to counter attack.

    They may be listed as 'terrorists' but that is only to the UK media etc, I imagine to a contingent of people, they are seen as just freedom fighters.

    Many people have been listed as 'terrorists' but then saviours in the next breath.

    A primary example being Nelson Mandela, he destroyed trains with civilians in etc., but for what many believed was the right cause.

    It is foolish to label these men who commited the murders as 'evil' to everyone, as this is simply a subjective notion.

    To avoid any flaming against my person:

    I do not believe that these IRA insurgents are fighting a just and/or winnable fight.

    Random attacks only create strength against them, not solidarity with them.

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