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    Posted by Deji (U12299049) on Thursday, 12th June 2008

    Are any of you home schooled?

    I love being home schooled. I learn alot more than if I were in school and I don't have to deal with the problems I got in school. My confidence has risen and I am taking win-chun (Martial Arts) classes.

    I've also made a good website, have my own computer, direct my own action web series, write and perform rap songs in a local studio, work on flash games and other good flash projects, make DJ Mixes and more... Sometimes though, I feel like I do too much. But it's alot more than I'd do in school...

    Home schooling is great. I can choose my own hours and go at my own speed. And learn whatever I want! I had trouble simply learning division in school but now I'm getting quite good at Long Division!

    So at the moment i'm thinking of learning more HTML coding like Javascript and CSS and am going to learn C++ (Programming) as well as starting more movie projects. What a workaholic I am :o

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    Posted by devilforlife (U12312017) on Friday, 13th June 2008

    i am home tutored too i think its really good. i agree i learn a hell of alot more at home then i did at school. theres no interruptions and a teachers always there if you need them i think its really good.

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    Posted by pureo18 (U12321313) on Friday, 13th June 2008

    i'm not home schooled but i go to a hospital school which is kinda similar...and not at all like mainstream.
    my little bro might be home schooled after the 11 plus in October coming up because he's way ahead in maths but has communication problems etc so school isn't great for him.
    two of my friends were home schooled for five years whilst they traveled round the world til they were hitting GCSE/high school time and started mainstream.

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    Posted by neko-chan (U3251457) on Friday, 11th July 2008

    i was but im in college now. i got in at 15 and a half.
    im so glad you enjoy it.
    by the sounds of it. it sound like you will do well.
    are you going to college or anything?

    it really sounds like you're enjoying what you do. i did when i was home schooled.
    well done to you :D

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    Posted by Little Emo Girl (U12504137) on Sunday, 13th July 2008

    I've never been home schooled.
    But i kno that ur gonna obviously learn more.
    There would be no distractions at home!
    smiley - laugh smiley - laugh smiley - laugh
    Natalie x

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    Posted by Gemzzie (U12653693) on Sunday, 13th July 2008

    im going to be home schooled next year because my mum dropped me out of school afew weeks ago because she wasnt happy with it but im really nervous but cant wait!

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    Posted by Sandstorm (U6729049) on Sunday, 9th November 2008

    I'm home-schooledsmiley - biggrin I love it!

    Sandstormsmiley - rose

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    Posted by b3ccap (U13690438) on Friday, 14th November 2008

    hi im getting bullied at school im really stressed out with my lessons i dont like school altogether i am at home at the moment doing my work but i have got to go back to school which i dont want to do how do i get my parents to understand? do u have any advise?

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    Posted by Grinning-ninnin (U13677268) on Friday, 21st November 2008

    I am home-schooled and I love it at home. I am learning tonnes more and have already done 2 GCSE's a year early. Its great at home :D

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    Posted by Kingo_x (U13716248) on Wednesday, 26th November 2008

    i have been bullied so many timee and it made me really ill and along with my illness i had depression. When i was on holiday my bestfriend was all funny with me then i came back and started my new school and she started bullyin me and she got all the older one of me! And this time everythink was getting the better off me! So all i can say to you is to tell someone doesnt matter who! Even if its someone at school! I dnt go to school anymore cause my depression is really bad! And just talk to the bully and then she/he will worry and stop bullyin you! I didnt tell my parents how i felt and they found out from my school its the worst way for them 2 find out! So i think you should just tell them! Hope this has helped. x

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    Posted by S.Dot.B.:) (U13717671) on Thursday, 27th November 2008

    i used to be homeschooled, but i had to go back into school because the area i live in does not allow children to do their GCSE's if they don't attend a school.
    its good at school tho. even though i learnt a hell of a lot more at home. and i do miss it.
    i enjoy school, all my friends. i just dont like teachers, because i always seem to row with them smiley - smiley

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    Posted by xbeccax (U13774375) on Friday, 9th January 2009

    Hi im at home at the minute doin work on the computer
    I've got a lot of problems at school the headteacher says i need to go back to school but i cant and i feel like running away i just hate school altogether how did your mam drop you out of school can u help me?

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    Posted by doody!!!!! (U13775051) on Friday, 9th January 2009

    i think home school is soooo not worth it!!!
    wats the point! DERRRRRRRRRR to you! ha ha ha

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    Posted by yomajesty (U13780752) on Wednesday, 14th January 2009

    wtz it lyk and hav u ever bin 2 a nrmal offence

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    Posted by claireeeeeeeeeee (U3605107) on Wednesday, 14th January 2009

    I've never been home schooled. I think it would drive me crazy! I hate being at home all the time and I like school, it's way more interesting at school, I love to have loads of different people to talk to and also lots of different teachers!
    I couldn't stand it if it was just my parents and me, and they couldn't do it anyway because they both work, do some of your parents not work?
    In my opinion, being at school is really important. It's not just about learning long division. It's life skills. I'm really sorry to hear that so many people have been bullied. But I really think that people are going to go through unhappy times in any situation, and that its all going to help you in the long run. Having to deal with these situations and learning to stand up for yourself is all part of life - you're not going to be able to just walk away from it when you're older are you?
    I think it's best to try and overcome it at school, where you should be. Teachers can be really supportive, and I really think it's best to ask them for help.
    Anyway, that's what I think.. any opinions?

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    Posted by wales4girls (U13784181) on Thursday, 15th January 2009

    but wot about a socil life that u wont get

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    Posted by Princess Azula Of The Fire Nation (U8295879) on Thursday, 15th January 2009

    In response to claireeeeeeeeeee's message, I have to say, I completely disagree with all of your comments.
    I am currently home educated and immensely enjoy it, however, I haven't always been home educated. On the contrary, I used to attend a normal comprehensive school, and as I have experienced both forms of education, I feel it appropriate to share my views on the subject.

    Firstly, you say that going to school teaches you life skills. Now, I have been to school, and I was never aware of absorbing any skills whatsoever. My 'life skills' were instilled by my parents, I never needed school to show me how to behave towards other people and how to conduct myself. In fact, the only life skills school teach you are how you must try to fit in and socialize with people you dislike.
    Don't forget, school is an institution, and like any other institution, you must conform and therefore loose your identity, or life becomes very difficult for you. You cannot be your own person - an individual - and in my opinion, being an independent individual is an extremely important life skill.

    Moreover, school boards were first introduced in 1870, and given the power to create new schools and insist on attendance. These schools were created purely to rid the streets of poorer children, and committers of petty crimes, and this of course was in the interest of the government.
    So you see, the school system is a very recent thing, and looking at the reasons for it's creation, who's to say it's the best form of education at all?

    You also believe that staying at school, even when being bullied, is going to 'help you in the long run'. I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with that statement also, as in no way whatsoever can bullying benefit the victim. In fact, the psychological damage that can be the result of enduring bullying can sometimes be so great, it ruins the victim's childhood, destroys their self esteem, and even affects them as an adult. It all has a knock on effect. Bullying is not character building, contrary to popular belief; it can be soul destroying, and sometimes even results in suicide.

    I thoroughly enjoy my way of learning, and of course, that's not to say others should. But I feel, personally, that I have made the right decision in choosing home education, as I can learn at my own pace, go on trips, and not feel tied down to a monotonous regime involving lifeless lessons that do little to inspire the imagination. I actually enjoy learning new things now, and have a whole new attitude.
    My only regret is not leaving school sooner.

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    Posted by U13786492 (U13786492) on Saturday, 17th January 2009

    I think that home schooling is a good method of learning and I know that it's possible (there are twins in sixth from that achieved 10 A*s each at GCSE through home schooling) providing that you undertake clubs outside of home such as group music lessons, youth clucb, girl guides or a sports club so that your social skills don't suffer and you still have plenty of friends.

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    Posted by spongebob :) (U13757820) on Sunday, 18th January 2009

    im really sorry to hear that some of you people are being bullied.

    the most important thing is you have to tell someone you can trust (like your parents or teachers)

    you have to to sort it out!

    also, i love school and i dont understand how people can be home schooled
    i undersatnd that maybe you would learn better
    buh i would get really bord!
    and what about your social life?
    i have most of my friends form school and i meet their friends to make more friends.

    How can you evn have a social life?

    no offence.

    and i read the essay one of you wrote..

    okay im glad you like it..
    but itss really not the same going to school
    you develop social skills when you are at school
    and you can learn to relate to people your age every day if you are at school

    and we go on trips which are so fun!
    you would miss all that..
    and also, there are many cool things school organises liek duke of edingburgh and stuff like that, so you would miss out on all of those fun things, which also give you extra qualifications on your c.v.

    and do universities take many home schooled people?

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