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Closing Student Life Message ...

To all members of the BBC Student Life Message BoardsWe're very ...


Student Life Mar 29, 2012

Study Leave

For Y11s', just wandering when your study leave is for this ...


U15126807 Mar 26, 2012

French or Spanish ?

hey guys :)I realy would like to find out your opinions, so ...


chocolate_lo ver Mar 24, 2012

Best Friends...

I don't really have a best friend I just have friends which are ...


U15170859 Mar 24, 2012

Do mocks really matter?

Ok, so everyone is saying that mocks are a huge thing, but ...


Birdy Mar 23, 2012

What's Secondary School like ...

I've been Homeschooled all my life and now I might be going to ...


Ashy Mar 23, 2012


we have a mini tescos on the corner of our school. we go ...


hollypops199 6 Mar 23, 2012

Typical School Day - ...

My parents are thinking about moving us to England from ...


U15177649 Mar 20, 2012

Fashion Horror???

Have you ever been made fun of because of what you wore? ...


hearts<3 Mar 3, 2012

Falling behind

oh please help me! I literally can not do any work and am falling ...


U15058513 Mar 3, 2012

All change?

Until recently, I thought that the friendship group I'm in was ...


LadyH Mar 3, 2012

Mixed or Single Sex Schools

Personally, having experienced both, I definitley believe ...


James-Finger scrossed.... Mar 3, 2012

Teacher's Pet.

Whenever my English lessons occur, there is always one student who ...


U15168172 Mar 3, 2012

Why do I get out down?

I This has always happened but i want your opinion. I get alright ...


U11205198 Mar 3, 2012

I dont have a life...

I am in yr 7 and i just cannot make any friends, its so hard... ...


Holly Ha Mar 3, 2012

feeling upset- just want to ...

do you ever feel really sad and just want to escape from your ...


dramaqueen14 Mar 3, 2012

What should i do....

I have just realised that i have struggled the second or third ...


U15058513 Mar 2, 2012

The silent treatment.

I am a bit worried and annoyed because a girl ( a year older ...


U15168172 Mar 1, 2012


Lately I have been feeling very lonely at school. I am in year 9 ...


Roux1 Feb 28, 2012

Taking GCSE's early??

Im in Year 10 now and i am taking all core GCSE'S early. I took my ...


dramaqueen14 Feb 22, 2012

What is your favourite suject?

Mine is english.I like the teacher and I like writing and reading.


theaterkid18 Feb 22, 2012


oh please god and mod I need help. I am doing another set of ...


U15058513 Feb 12, 2012

Should I.....

Hi,Currently i am in year 8. Some students in my school including ...


U15097952 Jan 29, 2012

Can I make it in life

I got a D on my biology exam and am really upset about it... Is ...


Roux1 Jan 22, 2012

Exam Stress

I have 3 exams coming up and all in the space of 3 days between ...


Hollie Jan 22, 2012

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