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Photosynthetic Pigments

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    Posted by Artemis (U15419652) on Sunday, 9th September 2012

    Is there a chemical used to dissolve chlorophyll pigments from a leaf ? what is the name of it ???
    and i was also wondering if the experiment to do with chromatography is on this website ?
    because i dont really understand it... like why the carotene gets carried furthest up the chromatography paper ...

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    Posted by bitesizebiologyteacher (U15169682) on Thursday, 13th September 2012

    Propanone is the chemical used to dissolve chlorophyll. Its different from the solvent used in the chromatography experiment. - which is a mixture of 2 parts petroleum ether to 1 part propanone.

    The pigments travel at different rates according to their solubility in the solvent (how soluble they are or how well they dissolve). The most soluble travel quickest up the paper or TLC strip.

    Hope this helps.

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