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    Posted by U15511600 (U15511600) on Saturday, 1st December 2012

    I am struggling with geography so badly! I just tried a general past paper and I couldn't answer basically any of the questions!! I think it's too late to start revising now because my prelim is on Thursday and I have Maths, English then Admin before it and Art on the same day smiley - sadface I have always struggled in class anyway with general, never mind credit! haha please help me. Everything is just too much!

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    Posted by U15524518 (U15524518) on Saturday, 1st December 2012

    Yeah I know how you feel. I just had my Geography prelims and I have to say that the general prelim was harder than the credit prelim. Here is a few examples of what I did while I was studying.

    * Look at the past papers on the SQA website- (they are free by the way ) - and have a skim over all of them to see what questions regularly show up. For example you will also get one question on glacial features so try and learn your notes on corries/u-shaped valleys/ terminal moraine/ and so on.

    *Practice on your map skills. The first question in every Geography paper is a map question. This can and will take 30 minutes to complete(one quarter of the time allowed for the exam) and will be full of easy marks if your decent at reading maps.

    *Understand what you are trying to study for. This is the best way to remember your notes. For example when I was in 3RD year I didn't like Geography at all and I just managed a Credit pass mark when inside I knew i didn't deserve it.Then two months ago I went to Kilbowie (again) and we all went to Glencoe. The teacher told us how Glencoe was formed by glaciers and he pointed out to us that the glacier would have been higher than the tallest peak in the area( cant remember how high it was) but it woke me up to the fact that the topics we study in class actually affect the outside world and everyday life instead of just being a big pile of notes in the corner of my bedroom.

    * Lastly do not stay up the night before the exam studying. I did this for my exam and I just finished both my Geography exams with seconds to spare and I am one of the fastest writers in the Geography class.

    P.S The prelim is just a practice exam and even if you do fail the exam you can study like crazy during the Winter and Spring to get the best mark possible when it comes to the Official Standard Grades in several months time.

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    Posted by U15511600 (U15511600) on Sunday, 2nd December 2012

    I really appreciate your answer. Like you said, if I fail I'll just study hard for the final exams, I'm going to try and do a wee bit every so often and then really get into studying smiley - smiley Great advice, thank you so much smiley - smiley

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    Posted by MissGeoBitesize (U15166004) on Tuesday, 4th December 2012

    It’s never too late to start revising. In such a short space of time it’s not possible to do everything. What I would do is focus on past paper revision. Print out general papers from the last few years. Decide to start on one topic and work through all the questions on that topic. For example looking at all the weather questions together will let you see what the links between the questions are.

    You should also focus on practicing ES questions. These are often based on diagrams or rely on you being able to answer a particular style of question. For example describe patterns or changes. This is less about what you know and more about using your skills to answer that type of question. Again look at similar questions together. Try one, if you don’t get it right pick another similar question and you’ll do better the second time round.

    You have lots of time to do regular revision before the final exam so use your prelim results as motivation! Good Luck on Thursday, don’t panic and view it as a practice for the real thing smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15596988 (U15596988) on Wednesday, 30th January 2013

    Heey yeah i was having difficulty remembering how to answer the questions. My teacher suggested that i make colour posters to help remember certain information that may pop up in my prelims. i now have 25 sheets of coloured notes to look over instead of my 100 odd page folder.

    I advise anyone to try it, It's helped me alot.

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