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    Posted by MissGeoBitesize (U15166004) on Wednesday, 21st November 2012

    In the Standard Grade and Intermediate exam you are often asked to talk about conflicts.
    This can be to between different land users. Look at tourists for example:

    1) Tourists V's farmers
    2) Tourists V's locals
    3) Tourists V's tourists

    Try to think about the impact these activities have on the:
    the environment
    other people.

    1) Tourists can cause damage to the landscape by causing footpath erosion, trampling on farmers can cost the farmer money in repairing footpaths. Tourists can leave gates open allowing animals to escape. Their dogs may scare or chase the sheep. During lambing season this could be a major problem.

    Try to come up with some ideas of your own and have a think about the conflicts 2 & 3...

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