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    Posted by MissGeoBitesize (U15166004) on Wednesday, 14th November 2012

    The first question in your exam will either be an urban or upland glaciated map question. If it's a glacial map then you will usually have to start by identifing features on a map. Try the Higher Bitesize page for help with this (useful for S.G, Int and Higher!)

    The next question could be to explain how a glacial feature is formed.

    When asked to explain how any glaciated feature is formed remember these steps:
    1. explain how the glacier is formed and where
    2. mention the Proccesses at work
    3. the Shape of the landscape left behind

    A good answer for formation of a corrie could start with:

    1. Snow and ice compact over time in a hollow to form a glacier. The glacier moves down hill due to it's weight and gravity

    Try to complete the answer using the steps above as guidance.

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