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    Posted by Mark (U15252052) on Sunday, 6th May 2012

    For Hydrosphere is the formation of a water fall, a meander and ox bow lake all I need to know formation wise??
    Also could anyone help me with paper 2 of the 2010 exam, question 6 B??
    Thank you

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    Posted by Matthew (U15256911) on Sunday, 6th May 2012

    For your past paper question, apart from looking at the healthcare system itself, you need to look at why the heathcare system isnt getting better.

    Human Reasons for low life expectancy - V. Low amount of land avaliable for farming, farmers cant sustain themselves let alone make a profit, this makes it hard for country to get on a 'devlopment ladder'
    Poor literacy means that people will be hard to educate about HIV/AIDS and other killers,
    Low Life expectancy at birth means that people will have large familys with the hope of some kids surving, having more kids puts more strain on family, food, and infastucture.

    Physical Reasons for low life expectancy -

    The country is landlocked and therefore cannot trade overseas and will have to pay to have its goods exported, this slows devlopment of healthcare.
    The country has a malaria problem in areas of population, where malria isnt present is inhospitable.
    The infastructure between the citys (if there is one) will be hard to maintain as it is built on grassland, very little money to make decent roads to allow for ambulances.

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    Posted by MissGeoBitesize (U15166004) on Sunday, 6th May 2012

    The post above is very useful for answering the following question.

    2010 past paper question- Development and Health

    “Life expectancy in Chad is only 47 years.”
    Suggest the physical and human factors which may have led to this low life expectancy.

    Just remember to look all the indicators in the table and relate these back to the level of development of the country. BUT do not forget the question wants to know about the factors which encourage/hinder development not about indicators themselves.

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    Posted by MissGeoBitesize (U15166004) on Sunday, 6th May 2012

    For feature formation you should be ok with learning the features you mentioned as that's what is commonly asked. Perhaps prepare delta, braiding and levees as these are also features you should have some knowledge of.

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