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    Posted by Kels (U15215297) on Sunday, 5th May 2013

    For once I'm not posting about Electoral Systems...

    Could you perhaps provide me with a model essay on the following question, my teacher said she would have one for me on Friday but she didn't so I have no clue where to begin...

    'Assess the impact of devolution on decision making for Scotland'... Its from the 2009 paper but I don't understand how to use the marking instructions to develop my points :/

    Thanks again!

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    Posted by Modern Studies Teacher (U15172411) on Sunday, 5th May 2013

    I would introduce my essay with an outline of devolution and its intended benefits - to provide Scottish solutions to Scottish problems is a key aim. Have there been more Bills to meet this aim? What about the devolved powers? What are they? Have they been successful? To what extent do the reserved powers prevent Scottish problems being introduced? What is the current debate regarding the 'bedroom tax'? Why is there a referendum next year on Scottish independence? Does it suggest that the impact of devolution has not been sufficient?

    I think when you're planning an essay, you need to think about what your own position is. If you think devolution is sufficient, provide evidence and arguments to support it - see the No Campaign website. If you think devolution is insufficient, provide evidence and arguments against it - see the Yes Campaign website for up to date information. The examples in the MI are already dated, but you can stil use them.

    Once you've outlined your position, tackle the evidence and argument that can be used against your position ["on the hand, it can be argued"] and respond to it [however"]. Your essay will be structured, coherent and peppered with up to date examples.

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