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Nitrogen Cycle

Hi, can you please explain what we need to know for the standard ...


U15215976 Apr 15, 2012


Hi Guys!Hope the revision is going well - if you need any help with ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 15, 2012

Redox Titration Calculations ...

Hi Guys!A little question to get you thinking about redox ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 14, 2012

Avogadro Starter Question ...

I started my Higher class with an Avogadro calculation today. ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 11, 2012

Study Leave

Not long until study leave and exams start:S4 - 5 weeksS5/6 - 6 ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 10, 2012

Past paper question on ...

I have a question on the 2003 pastpapers on which pairs of ...


U15222349 Apr 9, 2012

Ion-Electron Equations ...

Hi Folks, A wee question to get you thinking about balancing ion ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 9, 2012

Percentage Mass Q (SG Chem)

Hey Folks, A wee percentage mass question to get you thinking ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 9, 2012

higher unit 3 help!!!!

hi ms chem,i was wondering if i could get help with what to ...


U15207734 Apr 8, 2012

Formula Writing (SG Chem)

Hi Folks, Thought I'd put up a small post about how to write ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 7, 2012


can someone give me a list of all the chemical reactions ...


emma Apr 7, 2012

Time Management

HiI was wondering if you could give me (and any others that may ...


pasta_lover Apr 6, 2012

Calculations from Balanced ...

Hi Folks I was putting some calculation questions together ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 6, 2012


Can anyone tell me what is meant by 'environments' when talking ...


U15218475 Apr 6, 2012

Quantitative Electrolysis ...

Here is a wee question to get you thinking about quantitative ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 5, 2012


Hi MissChem,Can you explain to me why a displacement reaction is a ...


U15215722 Apr 3, 2012

Topic 7

Hi Miss_Chem could you please help me understand lattices. I don't ...


U15216371 Apr 3, 2012


Hey, how can you tell if something is a condensation polymer or a ...


U15216371 Apr 3, 2012

7 Weeks Today :-)

Hi Folks The SG, Higher, Advanced Higher, Int 1 and Int 2 ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Apr 2, 2012

Carbohydrates (SG)

Hi Folks, I was teaching a lesson on Testing Carbohydrates today, ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Mar 31, 2012

Types of Reaction (SG Chemistry)

It can be tricky remembering all of the different types of ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Mar 29, 2012

Gas Volumes (Higher Chem)

A wee question for you to try on gas volumes:Q1) 0.52g of calcium ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Mar 28, 2012

Carbon Chemistry (Higher)

At Higher level you should be able to describe and state when ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Mar 26, 2012

Calculations (Higher Chemistry)

I was doing some starter tasks with my class this week and we ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Mar 21, 2012

PPA Revision (Higher Int 2)

PPA's are a vital part of the course as they are practicals ...


MissChemTeac her_Bitesize Mar 19, 2012

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