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Closure of Bitesize messageboard

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at the end of ...


Alan Braidwood Jul 24, 2013

Higher Maths Help

Could someone please help me with this question.ABCD is a kite ...


U15772962 Jun 26, 2013


When you're working out the volume of a cylinder, what units have ...


U15511600 Jun 18, 2013

spread sheets

i dont understand the spead sheets when its asked for the formula


U15246921 Jun 15, 2013

Finding the length of a side ...

In triangle ABC, AB = 12 centimetres, sin C =1/2 and sin ...


U15246921 May 22, 2013

Higher further calculus

I tried Q14 in 2008 paper 1 but got it wrong. I then looked at ...


U15264944 May 22, 2013

Shaded Area Questions

Hi,I am fine working out the shaded area when the question ...


alana_96 May 22, 2013

Double angle formulae..?

Hi there, I was just wondering if someone could help me with this ...


Honeybee May 17, 2013

Exact Values

hi i was wondering if anyone could help me!Theres these certain ...


U15726713 May 17, 2013

Limits of accuracy

Could you please help me with these questionsexplain them as ...


HANA987 May 4, 2013


hello i get stuck on variation questions where it asks you the ...


U15226582 Apr 28, 2013

Surds and Semi Interile ...

Can you explain how you do these?


U15558201 Apr 28, 2013

equation of quadratic ...

when writing the equation of a quadratic function i know that ...


rfc125 Apr 28, 2013

Differentiation help

Find the gradient of the curve at point A with equation 1over ...


Robitee Apr 24, 2013

Simultaneous equations

Hi I get really stuck on simultaneous equations I can do ...


U15226582 Apr 24, 2013

Help with Q.5a) 2007 Higher ...

I'm stuck on question 5a) of this paper, and I've looked in all of ...


alana_96 Apr 21, 2013

past paper help

Hello there,Can anyone tell me how to answer question 20 from the ...


U15194380 Apr 21, 2013

Not Long Now.......

Until the dreaded SQA examinations.Hope the studying ...


Maths Teacher BBC Apr 13, 2013


Does anyone know the awnser to:Calculate the interest on ...


U15693750 Apr 13, 2013

maths help for exams, ...

hey as you know the maths exam is soon and i just want some good ...


U15690456 Apr 13, 2013

Maths Revision

Does anyone have any good tips on how i can manage my maths revising?


U15685675 Apr 13, 2013

Circles and Triangles

I'm in fourth year soon to do my maths exam in about 2 weeks and ...


U15685675 Apr 13, 2013

Where to start?

Hi, I've been trying to start my revision for all my subjects but ...


U15685223 Apr 10, 2013

circles and triangles

i really dont understand any of it. finding angles, the value ...


U15685675 Apr 10, 2013


does anyone know any websites where it shows you how to ...


U15672056 Apr 7, 2013

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