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Higher Physics - The Energy, Charge & Voltage CONFUSION

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    Posted by BitesizePhysicsTeacher (U15165682) on Tuesday, 26th March 2013

    A common confusion occurs in Higher where two formulae involve energy, charge and voltage -

    W = QV - work done, W (J), in moving a charge, Q (C), through a potential difference, V (V) - applies to charges moving in an electrical field. This is equal to the kinetic energy gained by the particle

    E = ½QV - energy stored, E (J) in a capacitor, holding charge, Q (C), at a potential difference, V (V). This is equal to the area under a graph of Q vs V, but can be expressed as E = ½CV² or E = ½ Q²/C

    Plenty of solid revision, making sure you know EXACTLY what situations your formulae apply to, and practice with past papers will help you to avoid making the very common mistake of confusing these formulae.

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