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EM Spectrum (SG & Int2)

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    Posted by BitesizePhysicsTeacher (U15165682) on Tuesday, 5th February 2013

    In both SG and Int 2 you are expected to know the order, uses and detectors for the different types of waves in the Electromagnetic spectrum.

    There's some great revision material on the Bitesize sites here -

    SG -

    Int2 -

    Something that comes up a lot in both courses is the order of the different types of wave in terms of increasing frequency or wavelength. (They all have the same speed - 3 x 10⁸ m/s)

    In order of increasing frequency (and decreasing wavelength) from top to bottom -

    Radio & TV
    Visible Light

    A mnemonic might help you to remember the order, for example -
    "Rusty Metal Inside Vans Uses Xtra Grease'

    That one is rubbish, obviously, but you'll remember something you come up with better anyway.

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