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calculating coil turns???? ...

doing question 11 in 2002 pass paper but cannot remember how to ...


U15243446 Apr 28, 2012

Problems with problem solving?

Physics has never been my strong point but I have worked on it ...


LilMissSunsh inex96x Apr 26, 2012

First Newton Law formula

hi, could some one help me I missed the some parts about ...


U15239736 Apr 25, 2012


Hi, I get really confused about how to create the resistance in ...


U15238966 Apr 24, 2012

Potential Dividers

Hey,The whole concept between potential dividers and ...


Aa-arr Apr 23, 2012

Film Badge

hello,Could you please explain how a film badge works? i remember ...


U15194380 Apr 23, 2012

Clock Pulse Generators

Hey, i'm trying to revise clock pulse generators for credit ...


cat Apr 23, 2012

Radio 1 Revision Week

All this week Bitesize is collaborating with Radio 1 to ...


Moonman Apr 23, 2012

Higher Physics - Any Questions?

So far the message board has been all about Standard Grade ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 22, 2012

national grid

hi I was doing a past paper and i was wondering if you could help ...


U15221287 Apr 22, 2012

The Commutator

What exactly does the commutator do in the motor? I was going ...


U15236653 Apr 22, 2012

Speed of sound through a ...

I was looking through some pastpapers and found one quite ...


Phoenix1969 Apr 22, 2012

car lighting circuit

will we need to learn about a car lighting circuit for the exam?


U15235324 Apr 21, 2012

The moter

In a lot of the past papers you seem to get asked about the ...


U15235539 Apr 21, 2012

How Voltage and Current is ...

hello,was wondering how current and voltage is split on ...


U15194380 Apr 21, 2012

SG Credit Paper - DATA SHEET

The second page of every credit level SG Physics exam is the ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 20, 2012

Less than two weeks left....

Ok, so the SG exams are on Monday 30th April, just 13 days away, ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 17, 2012

Non-formula Questions

Quite a few PS questions in th SG papers can seem very difficult ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 16, 2012

geigner muller tube?

I was looking through my summary notes for Credit physics and I ...


LilMissSunsh inex96x Apr 15, 2012

Falling object on the Moon

hello all,i was revising the other day and there was a question ...


U15194380 Apr 15, 2012

circuit question

Hi - I wonder if any Physics teacher could help me! I found ...


Kels Apr 13, 2012

Combinations of Resistors

For resistors in Series, we simply add the values together to ind ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 12, 2012

Heat & Temperature

Lots of people struggle with the idea that heat and temperature ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 12, 2012

Cool Free Circuit Builder Tool

Have a look at this and try building some circuits to ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 11, 2012

SG Electrical Circuits

There are quite a few simple facts and rules for circuits that, if ...


BitesizePhys icsTeacher Apr 11, 2012

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