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How many quotes to learn?

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    Posted by JackDFC (U14726692) on Tuesday, 15th May 2012


    I'm doing Int 2 English tomorrow, and just wondering how many quotes to learn for each piece of text? I know you need 5 or 6 for an essay, but since we won't find out the essay question until we are in the exam hall, I was wondering how many? I already know the whole poem for the poem I am studying (Glasgow Sonnet), and know 6 quotes for the prose text (A sound of thunder). Is 6 quotes enough?


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    Posted by U15269759 (U15269759) on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

    im having the same problem smiley - sadface but i dont think 6 is enough, your probably better to learn a bundle of quotes that you can use for diferent questions. As if its a question on a character you will need quotes for that specific question but if its a question on setting you will need completely different quotes for that type of question smiley - smiley

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    Posted by bitesize_english_teacher (U15197928) on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

    Always remember that quotations are to be used, not for their own sake, but as evidence of a point. As you are familiar with the whole poem, this will enable you to select the most appropriate quotations for the question.

    For the prose text, it might be an idea to go through your notes again and select some other quotations that relate to main characters and themes.

    By the way, as part of the formal style required for a critical essay, never refer to 'quotes'. Characters don't speak 'quotes'; the reader is the one who is doing the quoting. Say something like: 'In these words' or 'this line suggests that ...'

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