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Starting to think I may not be as prepared as I thought!

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    Posted by U15220626 (U15220626) on Sunday, 13th May 2012

    Hey! I'm pretty confident in English, I got and A in my prelim, but I only revised two essays - Dover Beach and Romeo and Juliet.

    Our teacher just told us to memorise essays, but we only have like 5, and other classes have much different learning techniques that our teacher never used!

    I'm starting to feel that I got lucky in my prelim, and it's unlikely I'll get an A with so little essays our class has prepared... what should I do? Our class wasn't taught how to do essay plans, so I'm very confused!

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    Posted by bitesize_english_teacher (U15197928) on Sunday, 13th May 2012

    I would not recommend relying on memorised essays. The key thing in HIgher English is to ANSWER THE QUESTION. For that, you do need to know how to do essay plans and use the words of the question in your introductory paragraph and in topic sentences at the start of subsequent paragraphs.

    Scroll back on the bite size message board to March and you'll see a series of posts giving advice on critical essay structure which should help.

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