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    Posted by Konfuzed_95 (U15252220) on Thursday, 10th May 2012

    Can you tell me What are: connotations, denotations, examples of sentence structure and why they are used,examples of techniques such as alliteration and why they're used, and the variety of tones which can be used.

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    Posted by U15220626 (U15220626) on Wednesday, 16th May 2012

    Connotations is like the negative aspect of a word, and denotation is the actual definition. Example (using plague):

    Obesity PLAGUES Britain:

    denotation - a contagious bacterial disease
    connotation - something uncontrollable, that spreads quickly like disease.

    Sentence structure is stuff like word choice, commas, semi-colons etc which usually adds emphasis.


    fun, fit and fat.

    Used to highlight the similarities that you can have fun, be fat yet still be fit etc.

    Tones - all you need to know in higher/SG is serious and humorous/ironic.

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