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Closure of Bitesize messageboard

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at the end of ...


Alan Braidwood Jul 24, 2013

Going Solo ~ a story by Lavender

Hey Guys! :DHello! This is my first post on here (I'm a ...


LavenderWhir lingBear Jul 19, 2013

Aspects of narrative

Hello, I'm doing distance learning and I have become stuck on how ...


U15758874 Jun 26, 2013

New english leaner..

Hi there Is anyone can help me to find english learning ...


lax88 Jun 12, 2013

Higher Essay Poem

Hi,I was wondering, for the question:"Choose a poem in which ...


U15708662 May 19, 2013

mood, tone, atmosphere

Hi,What is the difference between the mood, tone and atmosphere ...


U15708662 May 19, 2013

Critical Essays

Hi,I have been looking through the critical essay questions from ...


U15194380 May 19, 2013

Higher exam: tips on how to ...

I found the post on how to structure a critical essay with ...


alana_96 May 19, 2013

Writing intros and conclusions

I really don't know what to cover in an introduction and ...


Noelle May 19, 2013

Higher English

Hello I would appreciate your help with a few things please. The ...


U15669916 May 19, 2013

Higher - Drama.

Hi. I saw a post someone had posted yesterday about 'Key ...


Kels May 19, 2013

close reading

For questions which specifically ask for 2 reasons for ...


revision May 19, 2013

Structuring a Critical Essay

Hi, I was just wondering if someone could help me out? The ...


Honeybee May 18, 2013

Romeo and Juliet: Key Scene

When tackling a key scene essay question, what is the best ...


bud_ May 18, 2013

Higher close reading

Hi,Does anyone have any ideas as to what the close reading paper ...


U15708662 May 18, 2013


Hi, I'll post the essay I promised I would post, tomorrow!However, ...


Kels May 18, 2013

Higher close reading

Hi, I have two questions. Firstly, in close reading questions about ...


U15264944 May 18, 2013


Many people find it hard to finish the essay in 45 minutes. They ...


bitesize_eng lish_teacher May 16, 2013

help english int2 exam tomorrow

what is the difference between contradiction and paradox?


U15228749 May 16, 2013


can "tickets, please!" by D H Lawrence be classed as a novel ...


revision May 15, 2013

Higher Critical Essay's...

Hi, could I post some of my essay's on here and get some ...


Kels May 11, 2013

Higher close reading - ...

Hi, I have been doing close reading past papers and noticed ...


U15708662 May 2, 2013

Critical essay help

I am doing Higher English this year and have never been good at ...


Pink Koala Apr 30, 2013

Prelim Appeals

I was just wondering, if there is a personal writing question ...


U15708993 Apr 28, 2013

How do you set out a link ...

How should you answer a link question in a standard grade ...


U15558201 Apr 28, 2013

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