Red Kites along M40 Corridor

  • flyingDazzler on Monday, 14th June 2010

    Hi Guys

    Saw the Red Kite mention on tonights show.Not sure if the team were wanting details of confirmed sightings of these magnificant birds or not.

    Just returned from a trip to London via the M40.

    Being from Leeds I'm well used to seeing Red Kites as I'm not far from Harewood House where they had a reintroduction programme several years ago.

    Both on my way down to London and back home again today we saw many Red Kites in the fields and even above the M40 itself between junctions 7 for Thame and junction 5.

    The odd Buzzard mixed in as well. An awsome sight.

    I've not seen so many Red Kites in one place since I visited Gigrin Farm last year

  • Message 2. Posted by sounds-and-images on Monday, 14th June 2010 permalink

    that is in the middle of one of the areas they had on the map. I live in Marlow and regulalry see up to 20 in a stack. Have had some very close encounters too near the main roads round here.

    The local release site is pretty close to J7 M40 and is one of the best places to see them.. Unless you go to Gigrin Farm in Wales..

  • Message 3. Posted by flyingDazzler on Monday, 14th June 2010 permalink

    Thanks Sounds and Images.

    We were wondering whether this was near a release site given the number of birds seen smiley - ok

    By the way I'd recommend Gigrin Farm to anyone. Well worth a visit to marvel at the daily feed.

  • Message 4. Posted by flyingDazzler on Monday, 14th June 2010 permalink

    Is there a viewing centre like the one at Gigrin Farm in the Chilterns area where they were released? If so where?


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