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Sexologist was methodist minister's son.

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    Posted by chunstinator3 (U14259213) on Saturday, 25th June 2011

    While on (Film 4) the other day I began to watch the film 'Kinsey' about the epynomous post war sex researcher. I only managed
    about half an hour of this and then rather nauseated I turned it off.

    Now I know this sounds like just another christian with a downer on sexuality story but it wasn't the sex that was the problem.

    The real obscenity lay with the reductionism of Kinsey's approach.

    It is not surprising that reducing human life to mechanics can in fact harden into
    a world view. Kinsey was a biologicsl scientist. His tragedy seems that his reductionist approach led him to reduce human sexuality to mechanical function.

    What a bleak view that left me wondering what it must be like to be reductionist naturalists something that many on these boards would purport to be.

    Dawkins certainly does but says he would rather be such a sober realist (Dinosaur mechanist). He ignores the dehumanising aspects of applying mechanistic science to humanity.Taken as a world view it is little better than dissection. This is what made 'Kinsey' such a nauseating experience.

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