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    Posted by Smeagol (U14266477) on Wednesday, 22nd June 2011

    One of the finest examples of the dark art of conflation was the Countryside Alliance. Realising that the majority of people in this country are against fox hunting the pro-hunting lobby came up with idea of the Countryside Alliance in which other rural issues such as fuel prices were all conflated into one movement. The effect was to have people who didn't realise what they were playing at expressing support for the alliance even though they were against fox hunting.

    As they plan their selfish, futile and damaging strikes the union bosses will conflate shamelessly to try and pursuade people to support them. Somewhere along the line they will try to get us to forget that they are striking about their pay, their pensions, and their conditions.

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    Posted by John (U14343434) on Thursday, 23rd June 2011

    I fear you are right smeagol.

    The populus are controlled by fashion and advert.

    After all what has truth and justce got to do with anything? Besides it's too hard to find out the real facts, they are not in The Sun or The Bible.

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    Posted by Square-eyez (U14374159) on Friday, 24th June 2011

    I don't understand. It sounds to me like some country folk set up a group to deal with the things they care about and that happens to include fox hunting and fuel prices. If other people can't be bothered to find out what they stand for it's their fault. And if people like most of their politics, disagree with them on fox hunting but it's not a big enough deal to worry them then again that doesn't sound sinister to me.

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    Posted by Smeagol (U14266477) on Sunday, 26th June 2011

    The penny dropped when you saw the nasty demonstration outside parliament where the numbers are swollen because the protesters were not all motivated by a wish to restore fox hunting the coverage conveyed the impression that they had made common cause with the pro-hunt lobby and were standing shoulder to shoulder beside them in full mutual support.

    Next week the TUC will try and pass off the selfish and arguably treacherous behaviour of some of it's members on the 30th as being an expression of their perceived public unacceptability and unpopularity of the government's policies in order to increase the palatability of the strikes to the general public.

    If they do and it works it will be another example of conflation.

    For myself I find I have about the same amount of dislike for the people that support fox hunting as I have for teachers that put their pension before their pupils, and other public service workers who strike for special treatment from the rest of us, especially at such a time of economic sensitivity, and actually any of their supporters who would like to blight future generations of Brits by dumping the fruits of our profligacy i.e. our astronomical debts onto them!

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