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Has Feminism lost the point?

There has been a rather interesting discussion going on ...


LornaDoone40 Jun 17, 2011


This post has been removed.


U14804610 Jun 16, 2011

Without moderation

Will these boards act like these is no moderation during the last ...


Eddie Jun 16, 2011

Character assassination

Given the power of the state and the media today:How far could ...


Cheapjack Jun 16, 2011


NINE ASSUMPTIONS OF SCHOOLING -and Twenty-one Facts the Institution ...


RayofSun Jun 15, 2011

Is there a clear moral ...

.... for I struggle to find one. An army can bombard a city or ...


IdrisC Jun 14, 2011

Black on black crime, and why ...

I am an english born black man (31) and to be frank I'm sick ...


donnieb Jun 14, 2011

State Terrorism?

Do State or groups working for States carry out acts of Terror, ...


RayofSun Jun 14, 2011

Types of atheism?

We are told by atheists again and again that atheism is just a non ...


heavenlybody Jun 14, 2011

Bullying in political culture.

Is it a part of life?Say, for example, bullying someone who ...


Cheapjack Jun 14, 2011

Donating to Africa.

I came up with idea, of donating directly to personal mobile ...


Cheapjack Jun 14, 2011

We might not exist in reality!

It is always possible that what we experience and think is real, ...


Flower Jun 13, 2011

Different types of rape

In view of the recent debate sparked by Kenneth Clarke's ...


Jack-in-the- Green Jun 13, 2011

Are you happy for people who ...

Bluntly, and honestly I'm not.I get a searing jealousy everytime ...


donnieb Jun 11, 2011

Has atheists lost the plot?

What is it about atheists, Science and Religion?None are really ...


Sassernach Jun 10, 2011

City council unprepared for ...

"A worried member of the public has forced Leicester City ...


adzcliff Jun 10, 2011

No justice for Dr. Kelly? 2The reason for rejection- it is ...


Smeagol Jun 9, 2011

BBC to close Ouch disability ... rds/NF2322273?thread=8235209The ...


U14259457 Jun 9, 2011

Sexualisation of children.

Ratings for music videos and more emphasis on courtship for early ...


Cheapjack Jun 9, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday

AIDS - 30 years old. Look who far things have ...


Eddie Jun 8, 2011

Magnetism in medicine.

Hi Everyone,Just read an article at the Science Daily site about ...


Sriram Jun 8, 2011

We need to change the culture ...

We all value carers yet to all practical effect we attach ...



The politics of humour

It is no longer considered PC to tell racist jokes or jokes about ...


Oak_King Jun 8, 2011

Taking precautions

It's quite common for women to be advised to take precautions ...


Jack-in-the- Green Jun 8, 2011

Comet coming!, would you want ...

Hello to all, i have a question:-Hypothetically, the ...


WAZZOCK Jun 8, 2011

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