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DNA: it's big, but it's not ...

Contrary to what IDists would have us believe, DNA, like everything ...


JohnArmagh Jun 23, 2011

Homophobic Bullying

With a few days of the Board left i thought I would raise this ...


cymrudynnion Jun 23, 2011

War on Drugs

Has it been lost?


Eddie Jun 22, 2011

Would you mind helping me?

I'm doing a survey on what the word 'Buddhism' makes people ...


Richard Jun 22, 2011

Blood transfusions endanger ...

I saw a religious man last night claiming he knew people who were ...


janiecupcake Jun 22, 2011

What did people do before ...

What did we believe? How did we organise our lives? How were our ...


Queen Fish Jun 22, 2011

Terry Pratchet, Choosing to die

Did anyone else catch this on TV last night? I thought it was ...


Oak_King Jun 22, 2011

Anyone looking forward to ...

Is anyone looking forward to their induction on the new work ...


letsbefairto all Jun 22, 2011

Dawkins, Lovelock and climate ...

I read an interview with James Lovelock in which he said that ...


angelscomein threes Jun 22, 2011


While military action is in progress and the lives of our ...


Smeagol Jun 21, 2011

On the illegality of words.

There is an abbreviation of the word Pakistani that it is now a ...


Smeagol Jun 21, 2011

Treated like adults

What would it be like if rape victims were treated the same ...


DG_Young Jun 21, 2011

Ethics of overseas aid

I am all in favour of UK being an "aid superpower" but just how ...


Xanten Jun 21, 2011


you have to be kidding me if you believe it ,,


darwin4ever Jun 20, 2011

Who are your most memorable ...

Do you think the BBC are right in shutting it down?Would you pay a ...


Sassernach Jun 20, 2011

Unwanted sexual intercourse

During a recent topic on this board I posted:-My mother (age ...


ronaharmony Jun 20, 2011

this mornings programme on ...

Israel has done so much to try and have a real peace with the ...


demonray Jun 19, 2011

Rights for Animals

The short term view will be our demise. Animals, ecosystems and ...


MJSK73 Jun 19, 2011

Freedom in America?

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that Louis ...


Queen Fish Jun 19, 2011


I've heard it said that there was no time before the big bang, ...


TooManyPosts Jun 19, 2011


Hi everyone,We don't have much time left on these boards. I ...


Sriram Jun 19, 2011

Maitreya on TV?

Just wondering if anyone has spotted Maitreya on US TV - ...


free_speaker Jun 18, 2011

Britain's new aristocracy.

We are used to thinking of an aristocracy having a protected, ...


Smeagol Jun 17, 2011

Learning from immigrants

Hi Everyone,What, if anything, have the British/Americans ...


Sriram Jun 17, 2011

Left-wing ethics

From what I have heard from people who describe themselves as ...


DG_Young Jun 17, 2011

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