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Smoking in Public

Is this the next thing to go in the UK given NYC is implementing ...


surayoucantb eserious May 28, 2011

Transgenic insects

Is it right to put these creatures into the environment?


Eddie May 27, 2011


The mods have shut down a discussion about a subject which ...


Major Higgs-Boson May 27, 2011

Pheasants are NOT good mothers!

When I had my first walk of the day down our country lane this ...


Flower May 27, 2011

Never thought I could still ...

At my advanced age I thought I had totally developed a pragmatic ...


tipsytopsy May 26, 2011

BBC Radio 4 Program Something ...

I couldn't agree more with Professor King regarding the use ...


PJG May 26, 2011

Cloud computing

In these days, where a lot of biographies are ghost written, ...


Cheapjack May 26, 2011

Memories! whose got memories?

Is there anyone out there who, like me, has fond memories of ...


palliase May 25, 2011


This post has been removed.


Rosebud May 24, 2011

What is the role of thought?

What role does thought play in all the various avenues of human ...


Queen Fish May 24, 2011

Arab Spring Evolves! pe-13481592Sorry but have to ...


Smeagol May 23, 2011

christian woriking with muslim

hiany support welcomed.everything i discuss in my faith with my ...


kelts May 22, 2011

The need for electoral reform.

It seems likely that the electorate have decided against ...


Smeagol May 22, 2011

Argument from Incredulity

So, on the topic of 'God's Love' I posted this:As the parent of two ...


Outrider May 21, 2011


Do you think that US and Russia should destroy there stocks of ...


Eddie May 21, 2011

Another Angea?

I really must stop watching programmes I don't understand ...


Astro May 21, 2011

Scottich Politics

The Scottish National Party is heading towards a major victory ...


surayoucantb eserious May 21, 2011

Stephen Lawrence

When Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in 1993, fewer of these ...


jacquot May 20, 2011


Hello dudes [And dudettes...]I have strived ..[through conflict ...


chefone May 20, 2011

Someone point of view

I was meandering through some of the posts on youtube the other ...


look_listen May 19, 2011

Propaganda and debating ...

An ideal freethought debate is one where various parties express ...


ronaharmony May 19, 2011


I've recently learned that the Boston Medical & Surgical ...


Astro May 19, 2011

Philosophy is dead

according to Stephen Hawking


NearlySane May 19, 2011

Our weird social priorities

I recently chanced to watch a day time Tv program on RSPCA ...


jackntland May 17, 2011

Two Scarey Numbers.

A- One hundred and tweny-five million Pounds.According to ...


Smeagol May 17, 2011

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