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A Blessing.

May you all know peace sooner than you had hoped.


Grimly Fiendish Jun 27, 2011

Would the last person to leave

please turn the light out.


Major Higgs-Boson Jun 27, 2011

A poem by Sassernach...

God feeling rather cheerful looked down on mankind with a smile.He ...


Sassernach Jun 27, 2011

Closure of the Religion and ...

Hi all, I wanted to let you know that we will be closing the BBC ...


Religion_Hos t Jun 27, 2011

Debating Your Quest on the BBC.

Time is almost up for these boards. I have debated with many ...


DUKE-OF-HAZA RD Jun 27, 2011

Black Britain whatever that means

Do young black British kids have a victim mentality?The other day I ...


look_listen Jun 27, 2011

Tampax etc

Why is there VAT on those products?Surely it is a ...


Eddie Jun 27, 2011


I didn't bother about pornography so far but while watching these ...


Politandy Jun 27, 2011

Vocation no more.

Pension first, pupils second! Those teachers who will ...


Smeagol Jun 27, 2011

Diversity is our greatest ...

The saying used to be "United we stand, divided we fall", now ...


Jack-in-the- Green Jun 27, 2011

Alternative Boards for after ...

Alternative Boards for after the closureHello I am so pleased ...


Madame De Pompadour Jun 27, 2011

You Fascist!

Apart from people who openly describe their political ...


DG_Young Jun 27, 2011

Depression - A Disease Of The ...

Last week Robert Sachs left a somewhat hostile reply to ...


Sean Obren Jun 27, 2011

Going Anywhere?

The eviction date is looming. Soon we will all be dispassionately ...


Square-eyez Jun 27, 2011

Defending human rights properly

Basic human rights will not be properly defended until the law ...


George Bekes Jun 26, 2011

Skimpy clothing

....Even if you've got a tatto, saying 'get it here', which may ...


Cheapjack Jun 26, 2011

Conflation alert!

One of the finest examples of the dark art of conflation was the ...


Smeagol Jun 26, 2011

The New Global Landlord Class

It seems that one solution to perceived environmental crimes ...


Seabrook Jun 26, 2011

what would you decide to do if ?

I was wondering what would the majority of people here do if ...


twomomentspl ease Jun 25, 2011

Being scared

Is the BBC scared of Islam?


Eddie Jun 25, 2011

Sexologist was methodist ...

While on (Film 4) the other day I began to watch the film 'Kinsey' ...


chunstinator 3 Jun 25, 2011

Internet courts

Would it be a good idea to have courts hosted on the internet ...


look_listen Jun 25, 2011

Parris Is Wrong About Suicide

London Times columnist Matthew Parris has written the ...


Peter_70 Jun 25, 2011

Thatchers or Scargill

1984 was a defining year for Great Britain...Two people were locked ...


chefone Jun 24, 2011

Omniscience and Free Will

By request from Deecee on the Aggressive Creationism ...


Outrider Jun 23, 2011

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