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Moral Maze 18/02/09

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    Posted by josy74 (U12130400) on Wednesday, 25th February 2009

    liquid: if god created human beings, and the message is that we are all equal, we know that we are not - we are not equal in wealth, or health or intelligence.

    western societies, in fact, used the differences between the races to argue that they were superior to those with a different racial back ground - and to continue with this theme, it means that those with the most money will make the most decisions, this in effect means there is no such thing as equality.

    the dominant race will continue to dominate!!!

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    Posted by liquidsteam (U13821776) on Wednesday, 25th February 2009

    Josy: First, I would suggest getting on to wikipedia or similar and having a look for Milgram's shock experiment and Zimbardo's prision experiment. These two psychologists headed some of the work done to explain why humans sometimes do these things to each other.

    If there is some correlation that supports your views then I think that you need to put some work in to see what the causes are. Your general blaming of the male majority doesn't have much meaning.

    Please follow your IF statements with a THEN so I can understand the point you are putting across.

    For something to be equal then you need by definition to have some sort of scale with which to measure the equality - you have named but three and there are many. To speak of men and women being equal in a generic sense does not seem to have any validity. It is not possible to draw conclusions one way or the other. Besides, most differences between men and women on a statistical comparison of norms is likely to be less than individual differences.

    There are some biological and psychological reasons why men and women behave differently, why not just leave it at that.

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    Posted by D R Murrell (U13734021) on Wednesday, 25th February 2009

    I feel I fairly moral, at least as moral as most of the people I choose to interact with. In a way not believing in a deity could make me more moral. I do the right thing because I choose to, not because some god will punish me if I donít, or put another way I am moral because I choose to be not because Iím told to be.

    Josy have you never heard of women bankers? I have worked in the financial markets for over a decade, though a minority there are plenty of women and they donít normally act any differently from the men.

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