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Today's panel

I personally cannot stand Kishwar Desai, if I have her name ...


melbury75 Jun 27, 2011

Nothing wrong with homosexuality

I was appalled at the comment by Bidisha on yesterday's Big ...


jonwilliamss ohn Jun 27, 2011

Newsnight 22/6 - THETA HEALING

Did anyone see 'Newsnight' on 22/6 regarding Theta Healing? Here it ...


NinjaMind Jun 27, 2011

Alternative Boards for after ...

Alternative Boards for after the closureHello I am so pleased ...


Madame De Pompadour Jun 27, 2011

Balanced views

Being a devout atheist, I would like to comment on the lack of a ...


Lance Jun 27, 2011

Is there a 'Heaven': No.

Of course there isn't. When you die you rot in the ground and ...


LupinWeasley Jun 27, 2011

Skimpy clothing debate

In this day and age:'No' means 'no'. Whatever you are wearing. ...


Cheapjack Jun 27, 2011

Sunday Live is Lame

Nicky Campbell must be watching at home laughing his head off, ...


Elvis Jun 27, 2011

Start the Week

I was astounded to hear the calm discussion with Andrew Marr ...


silverdrum Jun 27, 2011

Is it time to free Palestine?

Typical of Sam Westercott to mention Hitler in his opening ...


ste armstrong Jun 26, 2011

Palestine Aid From Other ...

On recent BBC Big Questions dealing with peace in the Middle ...


NinjaMind Jun 26, 2011

People join Islam after ...

Myriam Francois Cerrah in today's programme stated that research ...


HumaneSoul Jun 26, 2011


I really don't get why peace hate us, i mean i'm a muslim and i ...


MizIndependa nt Jun 26, 2011

Free Palestine

I was born in 1948 the year Israel was created. A great wrong was ...


byconsent Jun 26, 2011

New Islamic schools in Scotland?

I've just come across this story about a proposal to establish ...


friendlykamu staka Jun 26, 2011

Glasgow let down show

Two interesting discussions but let down by the loud mouth rude ...


bluebelljag Jun 26, 2011

Dicipline is one of the main ...

The ending of National Service put all 18 to 21 y.o on the streets ...


Monty Cuthbert Jun 25, 2011


Don't people understand we keep giving aid every year for the ...


Potter Jun 24, 2011

Palestine's brainwashed children vt5g1Q&feature=channel_video_title


fedupbigdeal Jun 23, 2011

Should the teaching of ...

I am normally tolerant of religion & take the view that if people ...


FredS Jun 23, 2011

Is religion on the decline?

I do not usually watch Nicky Campbell's programme as I'm ...


Roy Jun 23, 2011

Why are the vulnerable law ...

It makes me fell sick to hear people debating the rights of ...


WENDY Jun 23, 2011

Would you mind helping me?

I'm doing a survey on what the word 'Buddhism' makes people ...


Richard Jun 22, 2011


I grew up in London with career criminals who view prison as ...


Justin Jun 22, 2011

Free Palestine

I have to say that we are very shocked at Nicky Campbell's ...


iluvwhitby Jun 21, 2011

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