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The Beauty Of Islam

Hi Mullah Nasrudin,As per request in your post and as I also ...


NoDoubts Jun 27, 2011

The Last Word..........Literally

Only Allah Allah (The Exalted) is worthy of wosrship.AndPeace and ...


Peace_786 Jun 27, 2011

Moslem Myths....

Good day all on the Moslem board....I am wondering how many ...


chefone Jun 27, 2011

The last word

The quran cannot be the words of God, for a number of reasons. ...


AlDajjal Jun 27, 2011

Not goodbye...

See you all over on the other boardshttp://www.religionethics.c...


Madame De Pompadour Jun 27, 2011

Simple Question

Do muslims think they should follow every verse in the quran ...


DelBoy1981 Jun 27, 2011

Goodbye MTMB

Thank you all for all the good discussions and for all that I ...


T8-eh-T8 Jun 27, 2011

Some Verses From The Qur'an ...

O believers, let not any people scoff at another people who may ...


Ayub_O Jun 27, 2011


Yes its that old chestnut once again... sorry folks but I am ...


Ustaad Jun 27, 2011

Richard Dawkins on Islam

Have heard Richard Dawkins talk about Islam, especially in ...


NinjaMind Jun 27, 2011

When is a 2nd wife allowed?

Hi all.A Muslim I know of is thinking of taking a second wife ...


realhappy Jun 27, 2011

Islam the Saviour of Humanity!!

As most people who visit this board already know Islam is ...


RayofSun Jun 27, 2011

The Paradox

Islam is fatalistic we are told, Muslims believe that Allah is ...


RayofSun Jun 27, 2011

The Enemy Within

much of the hysteria covering Terrorism is designed to control ...


JP Jun 27, 2011

Closure of Religion and ...

Hi all, I wanted to let you know that we will be closing the BBC ...


Religion_Hos t Jun 27, 2011

The Goodbye Thread

Well the end is almost here. Not the end of the world, although ...


surayoucantb eserious Jun 27, 2011

another bash at Evolution Theory

In short, DNA uses language, what came first the language or the ...


RayofSun Jun 27, 2011

At Last Sense over Free Speech

Geert Wilders has been cleared of all charges of insulting Muslims ...


David Jun 27, 2011

Are Muslims, like the Irish, ...

I saw this and thought how can Muslims be considered a ...


Rosebud Jun 27, 2011

do some religions teach murder ?

while discussing sanctioned Rape here ~ ...


sebbs Jun 27, 2011

Have you made a difference?

This is a question to all the long term posters on this forum. The ...


IK Jun 26, 2011

The Taliban no longer Al-qaeda php/2011/06/the-taliban-is-no-lon...


RayofSun Jun 26, 2011

Why is Islam failing?

This is a serious question/topic for discussion. I know that ...


Jack-in-the- Green Jun 26, 2011


This is part of the message of the Khalifa this week.Is it the ...


grannieval Jun 26, 2011

More murders of Coptics in Egypt dle_east/8445838.stmClashes in ...


lazylil Jun 26, 2011

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