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Who here is a Trinitarian?

There is a wide range of views amongst those here professing to ...


Alan Jun 27, 2011

Vote for your favourite ...

Before the boards close, here is your chance to acknowledge ...


Torridon Jun 27, 2011


Goodbye-ee, goodbye-ee,Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your ...


Flower Jun 27, 2011

So, my final message...

..on the CTMB.Difficult to know what to say to sum this ...


T8-eh-T8 Jun 27, 2011


To reform and play the following dates. Is that the time?


NearlySane Jun 27, 2011

Am I too late...

to start a new discussion?


JohnArmagh Jun 27, 2011

Good Night, Goodbye and May ...

About everyone leaving here and what they did and did not ...


Sassernach Jun 27, 2011


What a nuisance that we're closing down. I've been chatting with ...


wigginhall Jun 27, 2011

It is in the Bible so it must ... matter whether it is logical, credible, etc, ...


Flower Jun 27, 2011

if it turns out jesus did not ...

would you become an atheist or would you just turn to some ...


aisok Jun 27, 2011


Dear fellow posters,A big thankyou to all, every single poster on ...


gonnagle Jun 27, 2011

The effect of the messageboard

Well, there's a few posts going on about who has been our favourite ...


mikethelionh eart Jun 27, 2011

Shaker signs off

Maybe the board closure is only ten minutes away or maybe we ...


Shaker2011 Jun 27, 2011

Can blood give life?

Do Christians now not have any faith in the saving power of ...


James42 Jun 27, 2011


Who is he?What was his role?Is he a Jew or a Christian?


grannieval Jun 27, 2011

I am the way, the truth and ...

The most profound words spoken by Jesus Christ.Begin by seeing it ...


NicholasMark s Jun 27, 2011


Are you going to come and say good-bye to us?I wonder what the ...


URBT Jun 27, 2011

Christian love

"He that loveth not, knoweth not God: for God is charity."


CantKenKant Jun 27, 2011

My final message

Well, here we are, on the verge of extinction - at least as far as ...


Preacher Jun 27, 2011

Would we have religion......

.....if there was no such thing as guilt?


T8-eh-T8 Jun 27, 2011

Do Fossil Disprove Evolution

I was browsing the Internet yesterday and found several ...


Voyager Jun 27, 2011

Alternative Boards for after ...

Alternative Boards for after the closureHello I am so pleased ...


Madame De Pompadour Jun 27, 2011

Closure of Religion and ...

Hi all, I wanted to let you know that we will be closing the BBC ...


Religion_Hos t Jun 27, 2011

The LORD loves the righteous

The LORD loves the righteous -- Psalms 146:8But if a man is ...


dcls Jun 27, 2011

My oldest post I could find NF2213235?thread=719009uch of ...


T8-eh-T8 Jun 27, 2011

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