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Please Sign My Downing Street ... s/I receive a carer's allowance ...


floopowder Feb 11, 2008

Why do we pour so much into ...

I have worked with people with Learning Difficulties since the ...


overtaxed123 Feb 8, 2008

providers will go out of business

I have both worked in the Health and Social care world, retired ...


mavisabel Feb 8, 2008


This Care in the UK message board will be closing in a few ...


The You and ... Feb 8, 2008

Stop the Olympics - fund ...

Nine Billion Pounds of our money, already admitted to reach at ...


olmanriver Feb 8, 2008

Caring and diversity

Radio 4 can be congratulated on fulfilling its public service ...


excarer Feb 8, 2008

Closing this message board

This message board will close this afternoon at about 4pm.This ...


The You and ... Feb 8, 2008

Closing this messageboard

Our Care in the UK month of programmes has now finished, but ...


The You and ... Feb 7, 2008

Closing the message board

Our Care in the UK month of programmes has now finished, but ...


The You and ... Feb 7, 2008

The Politics of Resentment

Throughout the time this forum has been running, I've been shocked ...


Annie-Lou est Charlie Feb 7, 2008

Disabled/Elderly - How many ...

Thanks to all at BBC for covering this important area (Care in the ...


olmanriver Feb 5, 2008

Welcome to Care in the UK

Welcome to the Care in the UK message board. Throughout ...


The You and ... Feb 4, 2008

disabled/elderly confusion

There is an important distinction between elderly and disabled - ...


ifiwerepm Feb 4, 2008


Tomorrow You and Yours will be marking the end of the BBC Care ...


The You and ... Feb 3, 2008

What happened to family ...

In the past, family members, who had the means, were expected to ...


Minerva Feb 3, 2008

Nurses going home with mum ...

This must be a joke. Do you really see a profession that is too ...


duckharry Feb 3, 2008

do you get good advice from ...

I work in my local social care team,(adult and elderly ...


lizathesheep Feb 2, 2008

Social care robots

Tomorrow on You and Yours, with the help of Geoff Adams Spink, ...


Joe Feb 2, 2008

Do you think there is a ...

More and more people are unable to qualify for care from social ...


thecharityqu estion Feb 2, 2008

Want or need?

My lical social services have stopped the respite care my ...


flamegamebir d Feb 2, 2008


My mother died a few months ago in her ninety-second year, and ...


Feb 2, 2008

Come on lets "Help the Aged"!!!

It is about time we started to fund raise for the elderley.Yes ...


mollymop16 Feb 2, 2008

I want to do something

This is new to me and have so much I want to say. I love old ...


hermione527 Feb 2, 2008

domiciliary carers, your ...

I'm a PhD student interested in finding out about the working ...


gemmalancs Feb 2, 2008

Direct payments?

What do people think about Direct payments, and their 'Individual ...


carewornmole Feb 2, 2008

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