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de a embrrassing moment at an airport

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    Posted by Grennis (U13842302) on Thursday, 20th May 2010

    the most embarrassing moment in an airport was not for us but for the very officious Spanish lady at Malaga airport. She insisted on inspecting a small handluggage bag that we assured her was full of dirty washing. 'Nanny Mcphee' insisted that she should inspect this bag - and she very soon realised that she had made a 'bloomer'.Give her a due she repacked the bag - and never looked us in the eye! We are both 'senior travellers' so I guess it was an easy target for her

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Grennis (U13842302) on Thursday, 20th May 2010

    The title to that message should have read
    what was your - or other peoples most embarrassing moment at an airport - sorry for the blip

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    Posted by thirtyniner (U13812001) on Thursday, 20th May 2010

    Have I missed something? Why was this embarrassing? Sounds like she was just doing her job.

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    Posted by Annie-Lou (U4502268) on Friday, 21st May 2010

    There was the time when I started feeling really ill at Majorca airport. I looked around in panic for the loo but could not find it and was feeling worse and worse.
    I saw a bin but it was the kind that only has an opening in the side and a large ash tray on top! (You could smoke in those days). In the end I had to throw up in the ash tray. As I looked up blearily, I saw that I was being overlooked by the people in the cafe, trying to eat their breakfast!!!smiley - yikes

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    Posted by Annie-Lou (U4502268) on Friday, 21st May 2010

    Then there was my sister's friend who was having her bags checked through security, when a suspicious electronic buzzing sound came from her bag. Security staff opened the bag and pulled out her......vibratorsmiley - blush
    A mystified male officer held this item aloft, and said in the local language "what is this??" from across the room another officer called, in english, "it is a machine for w***ing!"
    smiley - blush smiley - blush

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    Posted by Grennis (U13842302) on Friday, 21st May 2010

    maybe we have had more than our share of embarrasing moments. We went on a cheap weekend deal and were really incensed by car alarms sounding - even when we were up in our room. We were about to complain to Reception when we realised it was our alarm clock sounding off! The same thing happened as we took our seats on an aircraft - same alarm clock! Now a piece of tape secures it!

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    Posted by Portly (U1381981) on Sunday, 23rd May 2010

    A few years ago I went to visit a friend who lives in the country in the Marche region of Italy.

    Although there was a bargain-basement Ryanair flight available from Stansted, I opted for the more expensive Lufthansa flight from Manchester as it was much more convenient.

    The flight involved changing planes at Munich. When I arrived at Munich I did not realise that it was about 20 minutes late and I ought to be rushing to catch the plane from Munich to Ancona.

    I therefore strolled in leisurely fashion in the direction of the appropriate gate. It seems that my gate is nearly always the furthest away. I interrupted my stroll to descend a few flights of steps to the gents' conveniences.

    I was in the gents, in mid-flow, when I heard MY OWN NAME called on the airport public address system. "Keep calm and carry on" I told myself and finished my pee.

    As one who is normally on time for everything, it was rather a novelty to be rushed to the plane and into my seat by sultry Italian maidens.

    After the initial excitement, I really enjoyed that flight in a propeller plane. I saw Venice a long way below - you could see the lagoon, and the causeway. Venice itself was just a blob, though.

    If only you could still smoke, I thought, flying would still be a pleasant experience!

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    Posted by thirtyniner (U13812001) on Sunday, 23rd May 2010

    If only you could still smoke, I thought, flying would still be a pleasant experience! 

    But not for those who don't!

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    Posted by Portly (U1381981) on Sunday, 23rd May 2010

    You are being a bit short-sighted there, thirtyniner! The ban on smoking has worked to everybody's disadvantage. The airlines were keen to bring it in, because they were able to start re-cycling the air in the cabin over and over again, thus saving on fuel. Thus when you fly now, you are sitting in a noxious bacterial soup!

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    Posted by thirtyniner (U13812001) on Sunday, 23rd May 2010

    The ban on smoking has worked to everybody's disadvantage. 

    And you call me short-sighted, Portly? The smoking ban did everybody a favour, including those still determined to kill themselves; but especially people, asthmatics and others, who are particully sensitive. How great it is to go to a bar or restaurant and not have to leave after choking on someone's noxious smoke! I'm not sure how air is circulated in aeroplanes, but I've never suffered any ill effects.

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    Posted by offasmate (U14173562) on Wednesday, 26th May 2010

    With the air conditioning being continuously recirculated, has anyone ever given any thought to the fact that, if you fart in a modern airliner, it is with you for the remainder of the journey?

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    Posted by Portly (U1381981) on Wednesday, 26th May 2010

    The seats seem to miraculously suck them up.

    However they will be filtered and re-inserted into the atmosphere!

    smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by Greg (U6779230) on Thursday, 27th May 2010

    Somewhere 'out there' is an airport radio announcement that a foreign announcer was asked to read out in English If I remember correctly, it sounds very rude.........

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    Posted by Poppy55 (U10228702) on Friday, 28th May 2010

    Nothing happened to me but each time I remember the news about 2 or 3 years ago, I smile.
    A lady in a plane going to USA, she had a wind in the plane and thought the best idea to reduce bad smells was...light up a match. She was arrested and interrogated by hours (of course because of terrorism). So the poor lady wanted nobody to know she had broken wind and finally she was the main news all over the world.

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